What's your frequency?


simple question—how many times a day are you taking your happy juice?

now, if we’re all following the rules, we’re taking 100% of what we need, every day. so my question focuses on, how many times are you dividing it up?

my guess is the bulk of us are between 3-5 per day. i started off with 3, as i was waiting on another blender bottle to arrive in the mail. i’ve since been doing 4, but i’m playing around with the idea of 5 (so i can order those smaller bottles).

part of what i’m thinking about (not very scientific). we’re used to eating thrice a day. 3 substitutes nicely. 4-5 times keeps us hungrier/supplying ourselves more frequently. i want to constantly be using it up, so i don’t go to be on a full tummy.

we should be up roughly 16 hours or so a day.
if i’m on a 4/day frequency, that’s every 4 hours. not bad.
if i’m on a 5/day, i’d do just about every 3 (just to keep the numbers nice).

to let you guys in a bit more, i have flex ice packs i toss in a cooler, so i just head out to my car for a few minutes+down the stuff fairly quickly through out the day. i highly recommend this.


My batch makes 750ml and 400ml that I spread into 2 bottles. I take the big one to work an sip it throughout the day. I certainly don’t have “meals”. My stomach takes a while to wake up in the morning so I don’t start sipping until it talks to me. The big bottle lasts me until I leave work.

The smaller bottle I sip throughout the evening. I’m only at 1800 calories because I’m trying to lose some weight. I do much a piece of fruit here and there as well.


oh, i should note—there are some guys in the forums doing i.f.—intermediate fasting, which, as i understand it only allows you to consume during 8 of the hours you’re awake.


Currently I make up individual amounts and each is 1/3 of the daily total. I only consume 2 daily though and eat a 3rd meal, or various bits and bobs. I tend atm to supplement with protein powder alone after weight training (50g or so), and am having to eat quite a lot of solid food after training as well.

I don’t sip the soylent, the hemp / pea / rice protein i use isn’t the most delicious so it gets drunk in less than a minute usually.

I am using a lower carb soylent which makes it easier to have less meals.

Used to do I.F a bit. Lots of different ways to do it… I preferred throwing in a 24 hr fast every so often (eat dinner at 6pm, then dont eat until the next day at 6pm). Did a couple of 48 hr ones, but those need to be worked up to a bit (either by getting used to the 24’s, or by low carbing).


I’m at 4 bottles now, but my mix I think is too thick right now. So I am going to add a 5th bottle per day.

I still plan on consuming every 4 hours (religiously) and will add the 5th shake directly after my workouts.


@bigepidemic , there are certainly guys who can you advise you better than me on this, but, as i understand it, if you go too low, your body enters a low-energy consumption state, so, you don’t drop weight, but rather operate slower on less. where, if you consume more, your body ramps up to account for it (i believe this is called the thermogenic effect of food).

the calculators at iifym.com may help with this.


Thanks @learnboy. My diet is already tailored around an ideal ratio calculation based on my goals. The iifym.com pegged me at 1770 calories a day. What’s within 30 of where I’m at already and my rations of macros is the same as theirs.


I split my daily mix into two drinks. One at noon, one at 8:00pm.


@JonathanMcClare, what’s your energy like split over two intakes?


My energy is fine. It seems pretty consistent throughout the day. Other things like not getting enough exercise or sitting for too long can leave me a little tired, but I haven’t noticed myself wearing down before mealtimes and perking up afterwards.

My mix isn’t as carb-heavy as most. If other people are getting hungry or tired after 8 hours without a drink, that’s probably why.

I’m also targeting a slight calorie surplus to gain weight. Sometimes, on my weight lifting days, I’ll also fry up some ground beef and eggs shortly before the second drink. While I don’t eat frequently, I’m definitely getting enough calories each day.