Wheat, the most dangerous food?


This makes it seem like wheat based food is the most harmful food you could ever eat?


So, has anyone encountered an opposite view to this, similarly backed up?


““Death by Food Pyramid” available on Amazon”

Any site that sells stuff like that is discredited before I even begin to read site.


Or the big “Wheat is Murder” image. Despite the appearance that the author knows about statistics, proclaiming that “wheat is murder” without proving causation is just reckless and indicative of the very “bad science” that the author aims to “debunk”.


You can find lots of views “backed up” like this one - but this one is not really “backed up.” It’s drawing on 25-year-old questionnaire from Communist China, rather than modern medical journals.

Here’s my quick and easy analysis: in 1989 China, the people who could afford to eat significant wheat instead of rice were relatively wealthy, and would suffer all manner of diseases associated with affluence - both because of the increased rich foods in the diet, and decreased need for physical labor in work and travel.

If this were based on good science, it would be citing actual scientific journals, and it would find more recent data.