When am I supposed to get a starter kit?


There have been tons of posts about starter kits going out but I have not received mine. I never got an email about a starter kit and a tracking number. Are they shipping the starter kits all at once or are they shipping them separately for each tier of order size? I have ordered more than a months worth so I was hoping I would get an email about a starter kit by now. :c


Im still waiting too. I ordered a month worth. Backerkit tells me this

"Your order is being processed!

You can expect your rewards to be shipped soon."


I was among the first last May to back the project and I am in the same boat. No worries, likely just need a little more time.


FYI, my starter kit arrived yesterday, and I’m just south of Mountain View CA and about an hour south of San Francisco. I got no email about its delivery so… not sure if everyone will actually get any notification. They might just start showing up… but definitely should be quite soon as people are getting them now.


Hey, Van. Who delivered it?


I didn’t see the delivery actually, it was just left on my doorstep. And the box has no indication to tell me who it was shipped by.


If you got it without an email notification then mine may show up soon. I live right next to silicon valley. I will post here if I get it.


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Ship (P/U) date :
Wed 4/23/2014

Lathrop, CA
Actual delivery :
Fri 4/25/2014 2:35 pm

Tucson, AZ
Mine arrived yesterday. I got a email last night it was on the way. FedEx may be faster tha email


I still haven’t got it :c


Through FedEx’s website you can actually signup to be notified when they recieve a shipment addressed to you.


I’ve checked this and there is nothing going to my house. This is so frustrating.


So far, very few people on the forums have received any shipping notifications, don’t worry, you aren’t being neglected or left out, there are just a huge number of these kits to ship out.

Edit: Actually, looking there It seems like my shipping information was given to FedEx on the 21st but they haven’t actually received a package to deliver yet.

Edit2: Looking at it even more it seems as though it was through smartpost which @JulioMiles has said they have discontinued using. I wonder if it means that shipment will be canceled and another one sent instead, as FedEx hasn’t received the item even though the shipment order was created on the 21st.


I’m going to keep an eye on this tracking tool. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


Where does it give you the option to put in your address to receive a notification when someone sends something to youe address? I cant seem to find it.


FedEx Delivery Manager: http://www.fedex.com/us/delivery/


I got an email on Saturday that my start kit had shipped, with a tracking link to FedEx’s site. Like some others, mine was shipped out on the 21st but via SmartPost. Looks like it was handed off to USPS on Saturday with an expected delivery today, but like others have mentioned, that’s not always the case with USPS and SmartPost.


I ordered 3 months (Not Vegan), i live on the east coast, got my starter kit early this morning, 2-28-14


UPDATE: Well slap my butt and call me Sally! I got my starter kit today.

Ha! Just checked the status, and true-to-form

Date/Time Activity Location

  • 4/28/2014 - Monday
    3:32 am At U.S. Postal Service facility DALLAS, TX
    Arrived at local Post Office - Allow one to two additional days for delivery


I still have not gotten a starter kit or any Soylent. Meanwhile someone just posted an unboxing video. And nobody from Soylent will tell me when I’m supposed to get it. I am extremely frustrated right now.


Unfortunately I think the reason you aren’t getting info from the Soylent team is this from the latest blog entry:

"A few shipping updates/changes:

  • We will not be providing any estimates on ship dates until the
    fulfillment process is ramped up. Please know that we are working
    tirelessly to get fulfillment up and running, and will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding a given order’s ship date."

I ordered a month early on and I am anxious as hell waiting for my starter kit. I feel for you.