When are you going to ship outside US? Specfically Ireland?


Hi all,

Great idea. Would love to try it. When are you going to ship outside US? Specfically Ireland?




They hope to ship internationally by the end of 2014, but there may be delays pushing it back even further.


To expand a little more on “delays” - as I understand it, they’re currently working on various (commercial) shipping and import laws/regulations/etc. Ideally things will go smoothly, and they’ll be able to ship internationally reasonably soon. I think by now we are all a little wary of the phrase “assuming things go smoothly”, hence “may be delays”.


This isn’t fair, I live in Canada, which is practically part of the US, and I can’t get soylent yet?
I would buy a years worth right at this moment, if you would allow shipping here.


Well, is Canada a part of the US or not? You can’t have your Soylent and eat it. I mean, you can’t. You’re not getting it. Sorry.


I said practically apart of it, meaning we are so intertwined, and both countrys heavily depending on one another, that we might as well be.


Sorry, I was just joking. Interest in Soylent can now be judged by the level of international gerrymandering.


You can use a re-shipping service. Others have done that and been happy.


If it can just be reshipped, then what is the purpose of the restriction in the first place?


Paperwork issues. Some people have had issues with certain ingredients getting through customs. Also, other countries have import restrictions on substances not labeled according to their laws.