When I have cravings, I watch these excellent recipe videos instead


I’m sure many of you have the same cravings I do while eating Soylent for the majority of my meals. The first couple days I really had to resist the urge to run out to the store and buy crappy food just to satisfy the cravings.

Found these great recipe videos off of reddit narrated by Chef John. Really well done and helps me stave of the urge to eat by just watching and enjoying them:


And heck, if you want to treat yourself to one of these meals at the end of the week, thats totally a great way to balance it out.


Where’s the meat though ? :wink:


haha there’s some ones further down the playlist with the good stuff


to each his own…i just watched a few of these and i want a snack more than ever :smile:


In the eating disorders community, this is called “food porn.” (Not saying, just saying.)


meat shmeat. toss in tofu!


I’d rather eat a dirty sock. :stuck_out_tongue: