When I want conventional food, why is it usually at night?


I’ve noticed something interesting for some time now. I tend to have one conventional meal most days. When I do, it’s almost always at night. For whatever reason, that’s when I have the urge for something other than Soylent. Never in the morning. Not once. Except for a couple times when we went out with a friend, I haven’t started my day with anything but Soylent in nearly 3 months. But somehow I frequently crave something else at night. Dunno why… any guesses?


I guess I’m the opposite. In the morning I love to make eggs and toast, sometimes hash browns (diced not shredded), and fruit. Then I have DIY soylent for lunch and dinner (at work and then after I get home and work out). Maybe it’s because you’re a night owl? Are you staying up for a long time after dinner?

I have noticed that soylent doesn’t leave me feeling so weighted down so I sometimes finish off my second bottle of soylent and go to bed as soon as an hour later. That was never the case before with regular food, I’d have to eat at least 2-3 hours before going to sleep or suffer.

Also, it could be a social thing. I like to make breakfast for my fiancée and myself, but when I get home from work she’s asleep so I just eat whatever (soylent now that I can). Maybe you’re having dinner with your SO, but have different morning schedules.


Interesting… the funny thing is, I used to be quite the extreme night owl. In bed anywhere from midnight to 3am, wake up anywhere from 8am to11am. Since Soylent, I’m up and raring to go by 8am at the latest, and usually more like between 6 & 7am. And I’m generally feeling like it’s bed time around 9 to 10pm. We’ve had a house guest for the last 2 months so I have been staying up more often since he’s around to talk to.

But as for socializing over food… we really don’t do that at all and never have. We just eat whenever we individually get hungry, unless we’re going out to eat together. Occasionally our hunger coincides and we eat together, but it’s in the vast minority of the time.

Certainly I do feel lighter all around with Soylent, I almost never notice my body “working on” food anymore unless we’ve gone out to eat and I have a heavier-than-usual meal. So I really don’t know… maybe it’s meaningless and just an idiosyncrasy of my own biology. Go figure.


I’m the same. As it gets later in the day, I just start feeling like something different to eat.