When should subsequent subscription orders ship relative to charge date?


I’ve already received my Soylent and my first subscription order. On 11-Sep-2014 I was charged for my first recurring billing of my subscription, and expected it to ship shortly thereafter.

Yet nothing.

It hasn’t been crazy long (only a few business days), so I’m mostly posting this because I’m not sure what to expect.

I also was slightly worried my order might have gotten bunkoed because the first attempt to charge me on 10-Sept failed (though I fixed this by providing an updated credit card, hence the charge on 11-Sept).


Subscription orders are shipped out in batches every few days, so you will be getting a shipment notification soon. We are working on fully automating this system, so that subscription orders are shipped out immediately after the customer is charged. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the quick answer! I was 50/50 on if there was a problem so it’s good to know it’s an expected few days wait (it’s not a problem, I just didn’t want to sit here for no reason if there was a problem).