When they stop mocking and start tasting


I was on DIY Soylent last year and official Soylent since April 30th. Folks at my job were curious, grossed out (really? yeah) and, I suspect, defensive based on their mockery.

Yesterday (finally!) I got two people to try it. And guess what? One of them LOVED it. He said he could drink it all day no problem and his attitude toward Soylent (and myself) changed instantly. The other person had to admit defeat, but was not humble enough to say anything more than, “yeah, that’s not at all what I expected.” I suspect she was upset that it didn’t gross her out anymore. They’ll have to find something else to make fun of me for. (enter: bullet proof coffee)


I posted a picture of my Soylent box and got the now over used, Soylent Green is People joke about half a dozen times.


Yes. Seriously. The only response I ever get is “lol! Soylent Green!” The name is of the product is horrible.


I got the “Soylent Green is people!” today as well. However, I turned it into an opportunity to talk to him. I had cut out the side of one of the boxes that had the ingredients and RDA % and he was surprised. Turned it around a bit.

Also probably didn’t help that I wore my Soylent t-shirt to work today. :smiley:


Waaaah! A t-shirt? WANT.


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Most of the people I know who I’ve introduced to Soylent remain skeptical of the concept for various reasons even after tasting it (mostly because they don’t feel any of the issues with their relationship to food that many of us here do), but I’ve yet to get any complaint about the taste worse than the slight chalkiness that I can’t quite eradicate.


When they ask, "Is it green?"
When they ask, “Is it green?”


When they ask, “Is it made of people?”

When People ask “Is it made of people?”


I find people go through the following phases

  1. You can’t be serious
  2. You have too miss food
  3. Oh it’s cheaper than groceries?
  4. You spend an hour a week “cooking” (prepping my DIY)
  5. You are able to get all of your nutrition?
  6. You never have spoilage?
  7. Where can I look this up again?
  8. Can I try a bag of your mix?

I haven’t gotten anyone to pickup the torch of DIY but several people I work out with and interact with regularly have all said they could see keeping bags of Soylent in the pantry. Not necessarily as an everyday replacement but as more of drop-in as needed meal replacement. I suspect there will be a large market of folks who buy rainy day soy lent as opposed to every meal soylent.