When to get started with Soylent


I’ve had my eye on Soylent pretty much since Day One – before crowdfunding started, and even before Kickstarter turned the project down. I’m a college student on a college student’s budget, and I wasn’t financially able to join in on crowdfunding when it happened.

Soylent would still cost me more per meal than what I currently eat (around $2/meal on average), but now that I’m in a position where I can afford to give it a try, I think the convenience and health benefits would make Soylent worth it. However, I am still on a “college student” budget, and paying $85 upfront for a product I may not even receive this year isn’t something I’m up for. I’ve been hearing some people who backed the project a year ago saying they still haven’t gotten their first shipment.

DIY looks promising, but I don’t have the time (or really even the interest) to source all the items and make my own. I’d be incredibly interested in buying a small supply if the wait time were more like a week, but I don’t think I could accept more than 2. I’d also prefer to avoid the various Soylent “re-sellers” on places like ebay that are basically part of the problem. I know the wait time is expected to go down, but is there any sort of rough time-frame?


You can try DIY-type soylents that other people make for you from @axcho, @spaceman, or a number of other sellers at the www.powderedfoods.com marketplace. None of them are exactly like Soylent, but they are good small-s soylent options, and you can buy a day’s or a week’s sample and get it pretty quickly.