When will I receive my Soylent?


@Soylent It’s been 7 weeks since I placed my order and I still haven’t heard anything. I’m an original backer so it is supposed to take 1-2 weeks.

I had this problem receiving my original shipment. I didn’t receive my first shipment until I emailed Soylent. I was an original backer but by the time I got my shipment, it was already Soylent 1.1.

I tried emailing them again and this time I didn’t get a response. I was really hoping that the first delay was just a fluke but I can now see that I will probably have problems with every order. Actually, this is probably my last order.



Not everyone has problems with every order, as you seem to imply. The usual problem is that someone has ordered with a different email address, so they don’t get credit for being a continuing customer. However when I made my second order and I got the feeling there was going to be a long delay I wrote to customer service, reminding them that this was my second order, and I got a message back saying that I had apparently changed my email address so I had been in the wrong queue, but they agreed to speed my order up anyway.

That was interesting, because I haven’t changed my email address for about 30 years, since Yahoo Mail was just beginning. But this led me to suspect that this company sometimes misidentifies second-time customers as new even though they haven’t changed email addresses.

Anyway, once I got that straightened out I’ve gotten great and prompt service from this company.


I didn’t mean to imply that everyone has problems. I’m sure there would be a lot more posts if that was the case. I was saying that I would probably have an issue every time.

My email hasn’t changed and I made sure to use the same one. Maybe their system didn’t recognize it for some reason.

It’s reassuring to hear that you had good results contacting customer service. How did you contact them? If email, which email address did you use?


I went over to soylent.me and used the contact form that is provided there. But I think that the message that you left here is good enough also. I’m sorry you had such problems and wish you good luck.


I emailed Soylent about pausing my subscription and received a confirmation within two hours.


I must be unlucky. Seven weeks ago I placed my reorder. A month later I contacted support but didn’t hear back from them. Since I previously didn’t receive a response, I thought maybe I wasn’t using the best communication method. So yesterday I emailed orders@soylent.me, myorders@soylent.me, and info@soylent.me. I also sent a tweet to @Soylent, filled out their question web form, and asked the question here. At this point I would prefer to call them but I don’t think they release their phone number. I’m not expecting that they would respond within a day or anything but as of right now I still haven’t gotten a response. It’s great that they got back to you so quickly. It further raises my curiosity as to why I’m having such bad luck with them.


It is disappointing for sure, sadly they seem to be understaffed in their communications department, perhaps the season is also negatively affecting the poor communication. That and they clearly need a better “ticket” system.


They have been in business for quite some time now too. I’m surprised that they haven’t been able to ramp up production by now to meet the demand.


I’ve been wondering about this as well, lately. I’m guessing they were worried that they’d over expand and the orders would settle down at a lower rate. But they did recently mention expanding production to additional facilities, so hopefully this means that they’re going to their everything they have at the order queue.


@rampyodm Your Soylent has been scheduled to ship. Expect a tracking number in 5-7 business days. Our apologies for the negative experiences you’ve had so far. We are definitely working as quickly as possible to scale up up customer care team and production. We’re transitioning to a new copacker that will hopefully enable us to produce/fulfill 10x our current capacity. If any of you are located in the Los Angeles area and are interested in applying to the team, click here: http://plk.tn/1sEsH1H

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Well in my case - I got my first (and so far only order) after waiting nearly 6 months. Now second month is already 1 week late… go figure.