When will we be able to order and receive the same month


Been gone a while, just wondering if things are still a joke on the fulfillment side or if I could expect things to normalize this fall. I live in So Cal not far from Rosa.

Will probably just get some space nutrients or whatever if otherwise.

Thanks for reading


You mean for new orders to receive within a month? Presumably once they catch up with the post-backer order queue.


Any idea when that will be completed


I can only guess. But based on some rough estimates of my own, utilizing general/non-committal estimates from the team, I’d say at least 6 months from now. If they keep pace, they can hopefully get to that point in 9-12 months. But I’m temporally challenged, so other than my minimum, I’m not particularly confident in those estimates.


They’ve progressed from shipping to backers to shipping to pre-May-6 web orders (which are being lumped in with crowd funding orders). Someone recently posted that they had ordered online in February and received their shipment this week (the post was this week).

Considering that they went from over 100,000 pouches shipped on 8/8 to over 200,000 pouches shipped on 9/3, and since a week supply consists of 7 pouches. If we assume there are a round 30-days in each month, then they’re shipping 476+ weeks worth of Soylent every day. (100,000 div 7 div 30 = 476 weeks/day shipped)

When you consider that they indicate they’ve increased their shipping rate by 500% (not manufacturing rate!) it means that either they used to be shipping the equivalent of 1 week 92 weeks shipped per day (500% increase = 5x increase = 6x original shipping rate. Using the 549 rate in the post, divided by 6, results in 91.5 weeks) of Soylent every day or their my numbers/math was off. (And it was off… thanks for the correction.)

What’s not available from provided information is exactly how much of the crowd funded orders remain, nor how many orders were made via ecommerce since May 6, nor how much of this shipping pipeline is consumed by recurring orders.

If we had this information, and where we were in the queue, we could accurately predict the current ETA to receiving our product.

If we at least knew how many outstanding orders existed, we could predict the maximum amount of time it would take to receive our product.

I ordered in June, I think, and my current delivery estimate is in December. (It was originally supposed to be this week and slipped 4-6 weeks which is late November to mid December.)

Hopefully they will be able to keep this new delivery date.


PS, you could refactor that number as 100,000 div 7 div 26 (the number of days between 8/8 and 9/3) to arrive at 549 weeks shipped per day.


A 500% increase means a 6x multiplier, not a 500x multiplier. If they were shipping 6 times slower before, they would have been shipping 92 weeks per day, not less than one.

os = original shipping rate
ns = new shipping rate

ns = 600% * os = 6 * os

With ns = 550:

550 = 6 * os
os = 550 / 6 = ~92 weeks shipped per day


Gah… I have gotten so bad at basic math over the last 15 years (complete absence of the need to use it in my career path, not any kind of cognitive failure. Just a skill that is atrophied due to lack of use. And to think that I once loved math.)

Thanks for catching my mistake.


you guys also have to consider that they haven’t given any precise numbers… they said “over 100,000” and then “over 200,000”… they could have had shipped 100,001 pouches, or could have been over 200k pouches all along… them saying they have ‘increased’ shipping rate by 500% is not quantifiable by anyone outside of RL because they have not released any solid numbers. It’s all garbage, which is the only thing that comes out of this company.


Probably be handy to have a link pinned somewhere to get this info huh?