When will we see 1.6? Your best guess

It’s been about 53 days since 1.5 came out, and the average time between releases is currently about 76*. However, Rob mentioned during the AMA that they already knew what they wanted to do with 1.6, so it seems possible that this will be a short one. Also keep in mind that the Standard Deviation is hovering at about one month at the moment.

So there you go, make your predictions! My guess is August 10th.

*Really 79.4, but I’m using the median as a better measure of central tendency since there was a large initial outlier of 154.

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I’ll say July 28th to be contrary.

October 1 - I’ve seen few complaints about 1.5 compared to 1.4, and the nature of 1.5 suggests that they were seeking to continue in the same direction as they had when they released 1.4 – i.e., aiming for a “better version of 1.4” rather than something significantly different or a return to something closer to 1.3. So I don’t really see them messing around with the current formulation unless/until they have a very good reason to do so.


When the Eagles break up again.


I’d guess August 17th. No real reason. Though I do assume it would be announced on a Monday.

I’m with @runngdog, for the same reasons. I see tweaks rather than an overhaul and no special urgency.

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Me too. I think they are more focused on other ways of expanding sales, such as alternate products or new sales regions or even partnerships with other businesses that want to sell Soylent.

The gap between 1.4 and 1.5, a little over 3 months, was longer than any other gap except between 1.0 and 1.1. I think the quick changes in earlier versions were to fix wrong things, like mondo farts. I don’t perceive there to be big problems with 1.5 (which isn’t to say there aren’t some that dislike it) so I don’t think they’ll have a rush to release a new version. And plus releasing new versions left and right kinda cheapens the whole thing and makes the version numbers go up quickly.

If they wait as long as they did between 1.4 and 1.5 then they’ll release 1.6 in early September. I predict it’ll be at least a month, maybe two, after that before they release 1.6.

On, the other hand, just to slightly disagree with myself and those who think it will be a while because there isn’t any perceived need to rush something out, there is that little unpleasant taste lurking in the background that they try to mask. If they have been working on that, as I assume they have (it’s been a target from the get-go), and if they are close to a solution, then I think they will have a release out fairly soon. Otherwise, I agree with @geneven as to where there energies are likely directed. Soylent bars would be potentially useful, if they are made to taste good. (The “energy” and “protein” bar market is very crowded, and a product that tastes bland or worse would have zero shot of surviving there.)

I consume Soylent with no problem but yeah, it would be nice if they could mask that aftertaaste. It’s less prominent (to me) in 1.5 than 1.4 but it’s definitely still there.

As far as bars go, I do think they’re going to have to make them taste good. With liquid Soylent it’s in your mouth for a couple seconds and you swallow it and the fact that it has little taste doesn’t matter. But for a bar that you chew on my guess is that it would feel creepy for it to taste like nothing,

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You can also flavor the liquid to your liking, which would not be possible with a bar. I have always used a lot of flavoring myself.

If experience is my guide I’ll bet they will announce 1.6 the day after I get my next monthly shipment, so either August 21 or September 21…


You, too? That is how it’s been for me since the announcement of 1.2.

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We’ll see it before 1.7.


I have a difficult time speculating when version 1.6 will roll out, but I felt like this would be a good thread to share my thoughts on Soylent’s future direction.

Soylent is the brainchild of a software engineer. There are now many tech savvy individuals on the Soylent team and they are actively working towards creating a product for optimum nutrition for the masses. Different people require different nutrition depending on age, gender, weight/height, activity level, physical goals, pregnancy/nursing, etc… That being said, I believe that in the future, we will see the Soylent Team come out with an online web interface that allows customers to select a nutrient profile, taste preference and caloric target. Each individual recipe would be plugged into a complex algorithm that balances ingredients to achieve your ideal Soylent package.

Purely speculation, but given the fact that the developer’s passion in software development, this doesn’t seem too far-fetched.



What a great idea! The biggest obstacle in the short to medium term is production capabilities and facilities, but I suspect those will be able to manage this vision in a few years. This model would also SHARPLY distinguish Soylent from all peer competitors, in every niche.

I am skeptical of any change that requires the consumer to make a lot of complicated choices.

Yes Soylent can really distinguish itself from its competitors by being the one that you have to fill out a huge spreadsheet to decide what kind of product that you want.

Oh, I don’t know. It could be pretty simple if someone only has to put in weight or caloric target or something like that. Plenty of products can already be tailored to the consumer, and we can handle them fine. Soylent can be the main company who does it for nutrition. I’m guessing companies like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers already manage something like it for dieters, though I don’t know for sure.

My Fitbit lets me enter my weight, for example, which generates an automatic calorie goal for each day, and it also sets default goals for steps, floor climbed, etc., which I can then tailor to suit my preferences or leave at the default goals. It’s totally uncomplicated, and a similar degree of tailoring should be equally simple for a Soylent consumer, especially if there are pre-loaded models, which there would be in this scenario. (As in, for pregnant women, etc.) I don’t see any problem at all.

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It wouldn’t have to be that hard:

  • Radio buttons for gender
  • Fill-in box for weight
  • Radio buttons for “I want to (gain/lose/stay the same) weight”
  • Slider for intake % (determine bag size)
  • Checkboxes for GF, other special options
  • Radio buttons for Normal, Low-carb, extra Protein, etc.

I’m sure it will be coming eventually. I’ll probably come out with that for Super Body Fuel before Rosa Labs’ bothers to delve into the production issues involved in supporting such a customized product. But of course everything I do seem to take way longer than I think it will, so we’ll see. :stuck_out_tongue: