Where are the Patch Notes? (Website Update)


The Soylent website has been updated! Unfortunately, some functionality native to the old website is now missing. Specifically, I am wondering whether the patch notes for the powder iterations are gone for good.

IMO, patch notes are interesting to read and useful for gauging how small changes in the formula affect the product overall. If I remember correctly, patch notes were never released for powder iteration 1.9 (cacao). Omitting the backlog of old notes from the new website seems to indicate that this was, in fact, a deliberate decision rather than an oversight. Say it isn’t so! Does anyone know how to access the old (and new) patch notes? Do they still exist? Hopefully, this useful tool is not gone for good.


Yeah, I noticed the new site yesterday. I spent about five minutes trying to find the ingredients list for 1.8 and finally gave up. I don’t think the ingredients are listed for any of the products now.


We are still migrating all the data over, we are also redoing the FAQ to be more functional as we had a lot of bloat with the old one.