Where are you from?


Just thought we could know each other’s locations. It could be useful for buying ingredients in groups or sharing.

I’m from far far away! Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. =) (And I’m sorry for occasional English mistakes in advance)


Montana here! I am Far Far away as well Dalcol, :slight_smile: beautiful thing this internet is. the chance that we can create techno-social worm holes and find similar minds sharing thoughts and ideas!
Reminds me of this vdeo:


Upstate New York.

Yes, it’s cold and horrible here. Don’t come here. Seriously.


San Francisco, California. No excuse not to be more involved I guess


Florida, it’s warm and amazing here. Don’t come here. Seriously


I’m from Veracruz, Mexico. But I live in Mexico city for the University, Don’t come here. Seriously


Colorado. Come here! Although ski season ends this weekend.


Hello! I’m from Richmond, VA, USA. I just recently found out I have ALS and possibly Celiac Disease. This Soylent mix sounds very likely to be a simple way to go glutten free for most of my meals. I certainly hope so!


Hahaha. Same here: Orlando, FL. Beautiful and 82°F today.

Might make sense to start another Google doc where people who are interested can add their name/city/state to start getting groups together.


Albuquerque New Mexico. If you end up here, make sure to take a left.


Austin, Texas reporting in.


Alameda, Ca in da house.


Chicago here.
Current weather: rain
Current political climate: corrupt
Corporeal safety level: dangerous


Northern New Jersey, USA.

Looks like we’ve bypassed Spring and have already gone into Summer! :wink:


I am from Kalispell, Montana, but I’m here in Denver, Colorado, and probably for quite a while longer.


Tyler, Texas, USA. And, since I don’t see a specific category for it, I guess this is part of where I’m from too: http://wheretheresawilliam.blogspot.com/2013/04/weird-science.html


Dude, Kalispell? wtf are the chances of that!? Same here. Small world man.


When you said Montana I had a strange feeling you might be from Kalispell or nearby, hah!


Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK. Thats about right smack in the middle of England.


I was born in Whitefish, moved to san diego for about 14 years, but had to get outa the city life. I have a view of glacier out my front door. I just cant seem to justify ever changing that view.