Where can I find fast, cheap, healthy whole food meal plans?


I love the concept of Soylent, balancing ease of preparation, nutrition, and affordability. Before Soylent I had the choice between spending too much time, spending too much money, or sacrificing my nutrition. Usually sacrificing my nutrition. But I just don’t see myself using Soylent more than one meal a day, and when I’m not drinking Soylent I find myself eating microwave burritos, fast food, ramen, and ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

I have enough free time to cook a meal, but the task of planning healthy, easy, cheap meals seems insurmountable. Where can I find some simple meal plans that are consistent with the Soylent philosophy of fast, cheap, and healthy?


I take advantage of Personal Trainer Food. It is fast, cheap, and healthy, which was exactly what I was looking for. I consider it the “recreational food” version of Soylent.

It contains little to no carbohydrates. But since I wasn’t using it for dieting purposes, I find it easy enough just to add bread, pasta, or whatever.


Link to the website seems down


Weird. In case anyone else can’t get the link to work try the amazon link:



Extremely minor, but ordering from the regular site saves $5 from the amazon site. This will change, as amazon constantly fluctuates prices.

That being said, if anyone is interested in this program, I suggest finding a groupon. They are plentiful for PTF, and saves people $101.


Are you looking for premade meals to purchase, or some quick and easy recipes?


I’m looking for recipes.