Where can I find the formula?


I would love to order and contribute to Kickstarter, but I can’t afford it.

Is there somewhere I can get the formula to do this myself?




The official formula is not available yet. The old formula is available on Rob’s blog, and this whole forum has diy solutions.


There are tons of different ones in the DIY section, with links to spreadsheets and what you’ll need to purchase on Amazon (or whatever) but honestly…it’s still a bit of an investment to do yourself, much more that sixty five dollars. The thing is, you’re probably going to be buying quite a bit (of the ingredients a at a time, which is why it averages out to less.


mine is over in the diy section but it costs a lot more upfront to get it “almost $600” but the per day cost is much less then the kick started one and basically the same formula