Where do the ingredients in Soylent come from?


Hi all. I’m new here. First post. I hope I’m not repeating an old topic.

I was wondering where all of the components of Soylent come from. Like, where do they get the raw resources required to actually make the powder (and the oil)? I know there are a lot of ingredients, of course. I just want to trace the process of making it and figure out if it’s sustainable.



You want to know where the ingredients are sourced from? Not what the ingredients themselves are? I haven’t seen the information pop up for more than a handful of ingredients (I think the rice protein is from China, but I’m not sure).

@MattCauble or @JulioMiles would be the ones to ask about this.


They have just started. Maybe in the future they will try to get them from sustainable sources, if they arent doing it already.


What I mean is that, yes sure they might synthesize some of the chemicals and all, but where do the raw base materials to synthesize the chemicals originate from? Is there a mine somewhere in China that workers dig out minerals from? Is there a specific weird protein they extract from horses or something? These are just examples. I don’t actually know. I was hoping some of you might? What I am concerned about is the sustainability of Soylent and other DIY products like it.