Where do you end up having your Soylent?


Breakfast - On the way to work

Lunch - At my desk or in meetings

Dinner - Don’t have Soylent for dinner


I will eat it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
In a car. And in a tree.
Soylent is so good you see!

In a box, with a fox,
In a house, with a mouse.
And I will eat it here and there.
I will eat it ANYWHERE!

Seriously though, I drink it at home, and at work, and have usually one muggle meal a day. LOVE the convenience at breakfast.


Breakfast and lunch at my desk at my day job.
Dinner at the theater. Or a muggle meal. Either way, dinner always paired with wine. :smile:


Breakfast/lunch at work. Dinner on the way home, or after arriving at home.


Breakfast/lunch or Lunch/Dinner at work depending on my shift. I then usually have one normal meal. On my days off I’ve had way less soylent… Sometimes just one meal or not at all. Once school starts next week, I’m sure the majority of my diet will turn into soylent, though.


I work out of my house so home for all meals (4 a day for on DIY). I usually eat some chips or something between 2nd and 3rd meal.

When I worked out of an office (I’ve only been working from home for a couple months) I would take in a mixed bottle for breakfast, and the powder and oil for 2nd and 3rd meal. 4th at home.


I drink breakfast at my computer at home, bring lunch with me in a thermos to work, and have the rest as a late-night snack after work. Most days I drink soylent solely, but I do work in a kitchen so light cheating may or may not occur.


I started out doing 3 meals of 500 calories each.
I’ve switched now to having 6 meals (250 cal. each).
I mix my Soylent like normal in the pitcher, but when I drink it I add extra water. This way I not only get the extra water but the increased volume makes each meal seem a little more substantial.

I usually have my first drink right after getting out of the shower (about 8am). I’ll often go an sit on the porch if the weather is nice.
At about 10:30am (at work) I’ll have another meal.
Then I’ll take lunch at Noon.
Another meal at about 2:30 - 3:00
One more when I get home from work about 5:30
and then a last one later that night (maybe around 8pm).

I’m still sticking to eating about 1500 calories of Soylent. I’ll usually have a beer or two at night an maybe a snack (popcorn, pretzels)


500ml for breakfast at my desk
500ml for between breakfast and when I leave the office at like 6pm.
Maybe another 500-700 in random amounts after work. Usually a bit of animal protein thrown in in the form of a chop or a chicken thigh thrown in the mix post work.

loving the simplicity


any where and every where(almost). :wink:

I find my self sipping it threw the day. usually around noon-ish i take in larger quantities.
When I make it home at the end of the day (bed time) I have usually finished it at least an hour before.