Where does Soylent 2.0 gets its milky taste from?

Is it an added flavour? If so, it would be nice to know what it is, so I can maybe add it to my 1.5 drinks.

Or, does it just emerge out of the ingredients?

The ingredients

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There apparently won’t be a spreadsheet release for 2.0, but if you look at the ingredients for 2.0 it lists “Natural and Artificial Flavors.” Rosa Labs isn’t saying what those flavors are or how much of the flavor is derived from that added flavors vs. the other ingredients.


You only think of it as “milky” because you’re comparing it to a drink you’re already very familiar with (milk), to give it context. Just as people say so many meats “taste like chicken”, it’s because they’re so familiar with chicken, even though they taste nothing like chicken.

There is actually nothing milky about Soylent, flavor-wise. They’re both opaque white liquids, but that’s the main similarity. It looks like milk, so you think of milk when you drink it.

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It’s not just the color and texture. It genuinely does taste like milk. Of course, not exactly like milk, but there’s enough similarity. It’s mostly almost bland with a fatty element and a hint of sweetness.

I suppose it’s a combination of the texture, the fat, and the sweetness.

I think it’s the mouthfeel. The mouthfeel of 2.0 is creamy, like milk. Maybe an element of the flavor itself is milk-like, too. In any event, I think it is definitely more than just 2.0 being an opaque white liquid. Even in a blind taste test, I’d wager that many people would describe 2.0 as resembling soy milk, almond milk, post-cheerio milk, cream, or something along those lines.

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