Where does the name "Rosa Labs" come from?


Just curious if there’s any story behind the naming of Rosa Labs?

Who Is Rosa [Labs]?

They named it after the street the house they were all living in was on, in Sunnyvale. Rosa avenue, just a couple miles from where I sit currently. I’m quite sure I’ve passed that house many times in my life.


@vanclute’s got it right – the original team all met while living in this house on Rosa Avenue in Sunnyvale.

Some of the bathrooms didn’t have floors, and the stagnant pool was such a beautiful shade of opaque green that the city insisted on populating it with fish so that mosquito larvae wouldn’t have a chance to mature, but we certainly wouldn’t all be here today without the eponymous home of Rosa Labs.


The funniest thing to me about this is that some time I believe last year, we walked to an open house that was either on, or just past Rosa Ave. I now imagine myself walking right by you guys while you were coming up with this whole thing. Might not actually have been that way as I’m not sure when you all relocated from there, but it’s fun to imagine! =)


Thanks, this is awesome! I was not expecting an answer so quickly, complete with photo of the house. Is this posted somewhere? I tried finding the answer on the rosa labs website but didn’t see anything.


I managed to find this address and looked up the house on Google maps a few weeks ago. It was rather entertaining how I came across it, so I won’t spoil the fun for anyone else. :wink:

Hint: Look closely at rosalabs.com


Somebody hid their Toyota Solara under a car cover and then under a Soylent sticker. :oncoming_automobile:


It expires next month. I’m sure they’ll remember to renew though.


And we now have our Hewlett Packard garage moment.