Where/How to cancel Soylent Pre-Order on Backerkit?


First off, I want to say, I love the idea of Soylent, I’ve been following it for a long time now, but this latest delay has made me give up on any sort of pre-order. The lock down date is the 15th, so I need this figured out asap if possible!

And Soylent, you’ll have another chance at my business, but I want to try my hand at People Chow 3.0.1 while we all wait for you to sort them out,

@rob @JulioMiles


Please email info@soylent.me with your refund request, preferably using the same email account you used to place the order.


All sent, thanks @JulioMiles Sorry about cancelling what’s technically a donation, I just don’t have money to spend on a product I’m not sure will ever arrive. (I hope you understand!)

I’ll be back when the kinks are worked out, and then you’ll have me as a lifetime customer I’m sure.

Thanks again @JulioMiles


@JulioMiles, So… is it cancelled now? I haven’t received anything in my e-mail yet.


I’m responding to a pretty high volume of email, please have patience!


I just want to order some new dumbells, and if I got charged with this on top of it, I’d be overdrawn. I wish Soylent could’ve just had the release date we expected, this is causing headaches on all parties.


I checked the backerkit website today. They pushed out the lock-in date to march 1st.