Where is my 3 month original backer order?


Look, I know you don’t like giving estimates anymore regarding shipping, but at this point, I am starting to wonder if I will ever see my order of Soylent…

I have tried emailing, tweeting, emailing again, tweeting again…
Still no response…

You claim you are shipping 4 week orders placed before 5/6/2014.
How is it possible that my order has not yet shipped?

5/21/2013 - 1 Month of Soylent Pre-ordered
6/11/2013 - 2 additional Months of Soylent Pre-ordered
10/9/2013 - Backkit account fully confirmed and “extras” orders placed
4/21/2014 - Soylent Starter Kit shipped ( https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/?tracknumbers=61299995737020011868 )
4/24/2014 - Soylent Starter Kit received in mail
5/9/2014 - Email received apologizing for taking longer than 2 weeks to ship my Soylent
5/23/2014 - Notified 8 to 12 week orders are now shipping (I have 12 weeks ordered)

Per the start kit, I should have received my Soylent “within 2 weeks”. Needless to say, this didn’t happen.
Now, over 2 months since I received my starter kit and I still do not have ANY of my Soylent.

Can anyone please comment on what it is going to take for me to get my supply?


Tagging @JulioMiles . He’ll get you fixed up.


Thanks! Hopefully I will hear back from him.

Also wondering when I will get all of my extras. I am still missing 1 airtight contains, 2x stainless steel bottles, 1 purchased t-shirt, 1 free t-shirt (due to delay) and 1 hoodie.


I know the bottles aren’t coming. They cancelled that one because not enough people wanted them.


Hello @ahanses, it looks like the credit card you used to pay for add-ons (tshirt, hoodie) is erroring, which is preventing your order from being finalized. I just resent your Backerkit login information to your email address – can you please update your billing info? Make sure to update it for both your pledges. Once that’s complete, we will be able to ship your order.

Backerkit should have been sending weekly emails asking you to update your info – have you received any of these emails? Very sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll get your order shipped out as soon as it is completed!


Last backerkit email I received before the reset was in October 2013. Nothing since (even in spam).

So, you held up my $700 in fully paid Soylent on 1 of the 2 orders having $65 in accessories not paid on a service that marked both orders “I’m all done” and was broken enough not to contact me…


Btw, I am paid up now…


Your 3 months are shipping via FedEx 2-day service, they will go out today. You should have just received 3 shipment emails with tracking info. Again, apologies for the inconvenience and I hope you enjoy your Soylent!