Where is my order?


I ordered months ago. It’s been about 6 months. I know there was a delay but I havent received any replies to emails inquiring about this. I really wanna try soylent but I’m about to cancel my order!

Order #29655


The first order still takes forever, but later orders are just a few weeks. It’s worth the wait, I think.


My order took around 5.5 months. If you’re at 6 months, you’re unbelievably close to getting your order. Cancel at your own peril. Just saying…


@wiserone We are in the process of completing fulfillment for all orders that were placed in July, which puts August (yours) next. We don’t have a specific timeline but we’re working/producing at capacity right now to satisfy orders ASAP. Thanks for your patience thus far – if you decide to opt for a refund please let us know.