Where is my Soylent? Ordered 1 month on Apr 29 2014

Why no updates? Why are these forums so ulgy?
Where is my Soylent, I ordered 1 month on Apr 29th…
Atlanta GA…
Who do we contact to find out?

April 29th of what year?

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2014 this year , a few months ago…

You’re in for a surprise.


? what is the surprise?

First of all, here is this shipment tracker. It is maintained by customers who voluntarily give up their info to let others know about the shipping progress. Some people have been waiting years for their shipment. Fortunately it looks like one month orders should be fulfilled in the next two weeks unless there is another issue, which would not be far-fetched given past events.

When you start seeing May orders on the tracker, then you will have reason to be concerned. The only reason there are some April orders on the tracker right now is because they did the “No oil” option and got slightly higher precedence.

Your only options are to wait or to get a refund.


Actually, there have been people waiting over a year (singular). No one has waited two or more years (plural); at least not yet.

Edited a couple of times to add:
For reference, Soylent first went on sale May 21, 2013 and people who ordered a week’s worth that very first day are still waiting. As of today, they’ve been waiting 1 year, 2 months, and 14 days; although delivery was originally scheduled for August of 2013, so it could be argued that they’ve only been waiting 11-12 months.

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How do you get refund?

Official website’s FAQ - https://faq.soylent.me/hc/en-us/articles/201275035-How-do-I-get-a-refund-

You are right, no one has waited 2+ years. I was thinking people have been waiting in the magnitude of years when I typed that. Months sort of underplays it, so I suppose I should say that they have waited equinoxes.


thanks, refund request sent…

once they fix order system I will subscribe.

I dont want to get 1 months worth of stuff without being able to continue to the 2nd month right away…

They are actually prioritizing reorders for people who have received their first shipment over people who have received no shipment.


yea,I can wait…

…Thanks for contacting Soylent! We are experiencing extremely high email volumes and will try to respond to order inquiries within 5-7 business days. We try to respond to all general questions and comments within 7-10 business days. We are currently working on increasing the size of our support staff, and appreciate your patience.

whatever, I better get my refund…

You’ll get your refund pretty soon, especially since you posted here. @MattCauble will likely be by to confirm it. Since I ordered my first month a bit after you did, I’m happy to be one order closer!


Once you had recieved your first order… New orders from you would only take 1-2 weeks to get to you. Shame you didn’t know this :slight_smile:

I think it’s cool how nice and helpful everyone was to the originator of this post. It’s a testament to the kind of people that are involved in the Soylent community.

I am not frustrated with the complainers, and I’m not frustrated with the people that are overly positive, but I am frustrated with the people that come into the forum ranting about their order (that they placed a month or two ago) and demanding a refund. Even a cursory glance at the forum would have answered this guy’s question very quickly.

It’s like yelling at the customer service rep before looking at the FAQ…

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Personally I’d recommend waiting if possible. I also ordered a month on April 9th, and according to FedEx I’ll be getting my Soylent on Friday. At the pace they seem to be going currently I’d wager you’ll probably be getting an email soon, maybe as soon as this week.

Whaaat? I ordered mine March 10th, haven’t heard anything yet. I assume it will be this week!

I assume yours was a vegan order? The tracker suggests they’re only up to February for 1 month non-vegan orders.