Where is Soylent?


I went on the main Soylent.com site, and found a store locator for where I could buy it, giving my zip code of 91301.

It told me

More Ralphses
24-hr Fitness

I had no idea it was quite so widely available. Of course, I probably won’t buy any, since I subscribe, but still…


Are you asking for a complete list, or…?


Is there a complete list? I suppose anyone could find their own by typing their zip into the same place I did.


We have a great sales team, look for me even more offerings very soon. :slight_smile:


The 7 elevens in SF only seem to sell the caffeine “Cafe” versions. I’ll check the 24 hour fitness and see if I can find Cacao and Strawberry there…


Try WalMart. I think you would have to go across the bay though, Alameda or Richmond , but then again if they do have it it’s only single bottles very overpriced compared to ordering online.

Never mind - just reread your post. I’ve only seen original at Wally world.