Where to buy mini bottles for oil


Does anyone know where to get those small bottles Soylent ship their oils in? I want to be able to travel lightly with a day/weeks worth of oils in a practical and leak proof bottle. I can’t figure out the correct phrase to search it up online. :blush:



Not exactly the same but they should do the trick.


Those look good. A big plus for glass and not plastic. Reusable.


When i am giving my DIY to family and friends, i buy little plastic disposable oil bottles from Daiso. They are 10 for $2.60 AUD. It depends where you live and whether there is one nearby though.


I bought a travel pack of 6oz containers at a local drugstore. I filled them with Soylent just enough so that they would still squeeze into a 1 quart bag. Then I brought them on a plane and as soon as I passed security uneventfully, I transferred them all into my empty Contigo insulated thermos for the flight. Worked like a CHARM! Best in-flight food I’ve ever had.


Yep, second this. I’ve been using amber glass bottles since I started, though I went with the wide mouth for ease of filling.


Admittedly they do need one of the “also bought” funnels