Where to find people to buy my v1.0(/1.1?)


I remember some discussions a while back about not selling Soylent on the forum, and I hope this post doesn’t come too close to that line. I over-ordered Soylent a while back, and ended up with about an extra 6 weeks of v1 (or maybe some of it is v2? I can’t remember now - did all v2 have the smaller box, or did some come out in the larger boxes?). I actually like the flavor in v1 a bit better than the new stuff, but digestion is much better for me in the newest version, so I’d like to unload this stuff at cost.

However… I’d really like to avoid the hassle of shipping it. I put an ad up on the Orange County Craigslist page a few days ago, but haven’t got any responses yet. I’ve already given away a few days’ worth to friends, but I can’t afford to be the Soylent Santa with this much of it. Any suggestions?



Maybe r/soylent too, but I think they’re trying to stop listing Soylent for sale as well and will send you to the market…