Where to get isomaltulose

Anyone know where I can order some isomaltulose? I can find lots of sites talking about it but can’t seem to find a place to buy it. I’m interested in trying it because it has a lower GI than masa harina.

I think one of us is misunderstanding isomaltose. I see it for sale on biochem supply sites at thousands of dollars per pound (one Asian company is many, many, orders of magnitude cheaper but I suspect it’s a typo or something).


Just noticed something – your subject asks about isomaltulose, and your message post asks about isomaltose – which are you looking for?

If it’s the latter – Amazon.

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It’s partly because you may be searching for technical term and not the brand name of the chemical. The brand name is called: Palatinose. I know this because I was looking as well and ran into the same issues.

Here are some sources:

Whenever a product like this is sold, companies usually only sell it under it’s brand name.

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Sorry about that. I meant isomaltulose.

Figured! I edited my post to include a link to the product you’re looking for on Amazon – the place with all the things.

I’ve been looking for a while for this and come up with nothing
I need something to supplement the maltodextrin and oat flour. I would really like to use isomaltulose, for the reasons that soylent is using it.
Everywhere I’ve found is over 5x the price of maltodextrin, which makes it pretty unfeasible.
If it were to get down to about $4 or $5 per pound, I would be extremely interested.

That’s one of the problems I had. I could find it but at the amounts I would want to use it was cost prohibitive.


Sells for $10 per half kilogram or $20 for a kilogram. Other sites sell 1 kilogram for $30-50.

$10 a pound is what we’re talking about. Expensive.

It is on the expensive side. I’ve been searching but that’s the best that can be done it seems. Seems like something only big time companies can get on the cheap.

There is a member of a Canadian bodybuilding (Eric) website who has purchased in bulk and looking to resell, hope the link below works, otherwise google palatinose/isomaltulose + Canadian Bodybuilding.

Current sale is $4.20 lb for 10+ lb + shipping

Good luck

I’ll recommend this site isomaltulose for buying the chemical. Hope you can go smooth with this supplier.

Your link name says isomaltulose but the page linked to says isomaltose.

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send email to me. This is the manufacturer of isomaltulose. unswzhang@126.com