Wherefore Art Thou Julio?


Much has been made of the conspicuous absence of one @JulioMiles over the last few days and having read the 5/1 update I suspect I know why.

Piecing together a few offhand comments over the past week or so, and combining that with the continued emphasis on reorder fulfillment, I suspect Julio has been working on the new site complete with Backerkit-free ordering!

It would make sense (God help us if Backerkit is still handling reorders 6 months from now), and for those of us who are frustrated at looking like we’ve been sold a barrel of snake oil, it will be a welcome change to be able to direct detractors to a well-polished site that really represents the Soylent brand.

I can’t be sure that this is the case, but for the first time in over a week, I’m hoping my speculation about what’s going on behind the Soylent veil is correct!


Not sure if you saw this in the other thread I posted it in, but I got this in an email from Julio just yesterday: “We are transitioning to a different e-commerce site shortly.”

Whether he’s directly involved with it or not I don’t know, but Backerkit is horrible and I’ll be glad to not have to place a re-order through them.

TBH, I wish they would have teamed up with Amazon.com (if Amazon would do that). Amazon already has the internet sales thing down (including automatic re-orders, etc) and, in my experience, they’ve been excellent with the logistics (shipping) end of things and I’ve never had a problem with their customer service.


As someone in the UK, I’d be behind Amazon fulfilment 100%, simply because it must be easier to send shipping crates of Soylent to Amazon warehouses around the world and let them handle local shipping.

Depends on how much money Amazon would want compared to the volumes of Soylent being ordered, I guess. And they can’t know that until they’ve been handling regular orders/reorders for a while (as opposed to the early backers/pre-orders).

That said, I haven’t had any real issues with Backerkit, so I’m sure that whatever site redesign they’re working on will be geared towards making it easy for people to place new orders and re-orders, without all of the “campaign extras” that Backerkit presumably specialise in.


Common misreading of the famous phrase.

He is Julio because that is his name.

where =/= wherefore = ~“why must”


But he still directly quoted Shakespeare. So why say anything?


I don’t mind at all- love a good knowledge drop.

Buutttt… Am I the only one pumped at the prospect of a respectable website?!? Maybe it’s a marketing professionals’ thing…



Except, it made sense in Shakespeare. :stuck_out_tongue:





I’ll pay Soylent Corp $100 to delay the shipment of the next person to hijack this thread.


Anddddddddd I don’t have to worry cause I already got mine , so here goes:

To continue the hijacking, and to put @isaackotlicky in his Elizabethan grammatical place, wherefore =/= ~“why must” either, except in that specific context where you could say it’s the implied intention behind Juliet’s words. However, generally speaking “wherefore” simply means “why”, or when used as a conjunction, “as a result of which”.


Back on topic, I too am hopeful that a site overhaul is coming soon. A subscription mode of automatic re-ordering at regular intervals (tweakable for personal consumption rate) would be excellent.