Where's my vegan order?


I’ve waited a really long time to make this post - I’ve tried to be patient… I understand the logistics, and I applaud Rob and his team for scaling up something of this size…

But there is a post on the blog from 5/1 saying “with most of the vegan orders shipped”… it’s now July. I ordered 1 week of vegan soylent as one of the original backers, and I still haven’t seen any sign of it. I received my soylent pitcher at the end of April - so now I’m asking, where’s my soylent?



Hello @nicolethenerd, I’m tagging @JulioMiles. Also, if you haven’t already, send an email to Julio at: info@soylent.me

You should get a response from Julio shortly.


I also ordered a week of vegan soylent and received my pitcher back in April. I believe at some point they shifted ordering priorities and stopped putting vegan orders at the front of the queue. If this is not the case, then I also would like to know if something happened to my order. I got an e-mail a while back apologizing for the delay, but that’s the last I heard.


As far as my knowledge goes all vegan orders should already be sent and you seem to have been fallen through the cracks. Julio is already tagged so he will probably be able to resolve this. If it makes you feel better the usual orders even original backers are not even getting 4 week orders mostly so at least you have a reason to jump the line with your vegan 1 week order :wink:


Are we allowed to bump? I just want to make sure that if our vegan orders fell through the crack that this thread doesn’t as well.


That blog post wasn’t quite correct, I’ve updated it for clarity and correctness. We shipped most of the vegan orders larger than 1 month, and have reincorporated the remaining ones into the general shipping queue.


Well, it would have been helpful if this info had been communicated in a more timely fashion. Originally, I had understood that the vegan queue would get shipped first.

I received starter kit in April, then the announcement of a delay (with free t-shirt as an offering), and since, almost complete radio silence in re vegan orders.

So, yeah, irritated that more and more precise information has not been forthcoming.


poor communication, but shipping vegan orders under a month would probably make people rage even more than they are now. the whole reasoning behind shipping larger orders first was that people would get their reorders in a timely manner, of course most people have a stockpile of reorder supply now. my friend has 2 unopened boxes just sitting in his closest still, vanclute has enough excess soylent to start a damn kickstarter for soylent brownies.

but yeah, basically boils down to terrible communication by the company