Where's the "need more now" option?


I just logged in to get some more Soylent (finished my supply a few days early, which happens occasionally) and noticed that the “need more now” option is now gone. I ended up going to the Manage Subscriptions page and tried to change the “next charge” date to today, but I got a weird error message saying it wasn’t far enough in the future (as a side note, the error message was also displayed in a weird way… the text for the error was overlapping the selection box for the menu… looked really janky). Ended up having to set the next charge date to 8/2. Am I missing something here or has “need more now” really been removed? If so, I’d definitely like to know why.


In our replatform, we decided to remove it, but are tracking feedback and response. We’ve seen a bit of concern over it’s removal, so we’ll certainly consider reimplementing the feature. As a short-term hack, you should be able to set your “next charge” date to tomorrow, rather than today. We’ve seen that work in some instances.

We’re still working out some of the kinks to our site, so we appreciate any feedback and I’ll make sure the right people see this.

– John


Thanks for the response. Glad to hear that others have also been expressing concern about the removal. My subscription has remained mostly unchanged for the past few years and the only time I ever log in is when I realize I’m going to run out prematurely and need to order more. I imagine this is the case for a lot of other people, so I feel it’d benefit everyone if this action was as simple and clear as it was before. Anyway it sounds like it’s already under consideration by the team, so I’ll sit tight and see what happens.


Put me down as someone who would like to see the “Need More Now” option remain.


Me too…along with pause my subscription. Please bring this back!!


For now, you can set your subscription to ship tomorrow, and this will functionally do the same thing.

– John


I only use the “need more now” option because my consumption of Soylent is irregular because of my schedule. The sole reason I have a “subscription” is so that I can get the discount.

I prefer to control my account completely manually, so that I am never shipped Soylent except when I log in and order it, AND I would like the discount.

The way I actually would do it is to manually extend the renewal date for my subscription to some date far in the future so that I will never be automatically shipped Soylent. Then when I’m running low, I log in and use the “need more now” option, and then after it ships a few days later, I log back in and extend the renewal date once again.

It’s a convoluted system. Maybe you should allow people to keep the discount if they’ve ordered a certain amount over the years, but let them manage it themselves so that the only way they receive new Soylent is via the “need more now” option.


Yes, put it back. The new page is confusing.


You guys remove a very useful feature that make is easy to buy your product?!

Put it back!


there’s no more pause my subscription or need more now buttons? Bring them back! Sometimes I drink more than I thought or not as much, and need either one! XD


I’m sure there was/were good reason/s for the redesign. But I’d also prefer a quicker way to (a) change the date a single subscription ships, and (b) change the date all subscriptions ship.

Right now, it takes at least 5 clicks from the Subscription page, for each subscription. And I have to manually type in the date like 2018-08-07, and there’s no immediate feedback when I hit save. The more user-friendly thing here would be a calendar. Then it could be as few as 2 clicks.

On a positive note, it’s nice you can enter in any date.


Thanks for that feedback. We’re going to be making continual updates now that we’ve replatformed, so we’ll look into this!
– John


Count me in as a frequent user of “need more now” and “pause subscription”. I would guess few people here have the exact same Soylent caloric intake every month. Please bring back the flexibility!


I also immediately noticed the missing “Pause” and “Need More Now” buttons on logging into the new site.

Well, I say immediately. Really it was after however many extra clicks it took to get to the manage subscription, then edit, then edit subscription, then change date…

This definitely seems like a “please don’t buy our product this way” change.

Is this a subtle hint to switch subscriptions to Amazon? (Or Wal-Mart or 7-11 or some other distribution partner that may get cranky if it’s too easy to order direct.)


Tonight I noticed we were a bit low on Soylent, logged on to order more now. Given the ‘need more now’ option was gone and no obvious way to trigger an immediate order without a possible unintended result, I logged off and did not purchase.
My question to you all is why create a barrier for customers who want the product? I would think most companies would want to make it easier…


Everyone is acting like they have never been on a website, click some things and you will see how it works. Yes the need more now option is gone, but they added a next bill date option in manage your subscriptions, it is different but equally as effective. When I noticed I needed more I saw my next bill date and changed it to be the next day. Presto my card was charged and I got more Soylent. Conversely if you have too much Soylent there is no pause button but don’t fret, change your next bill date to a month, two months or more away, your card will not be billed until you want it to. Personally I like this way better.


Yeah, exactly. Are people not seeing this option or are they not understanding it?


I would also like to see the “Need more now” and “Pause subscription” options added back in. Even if we can change it manually by changing the date, the old setup was very intuitive and user-friendly. Sometimes I drink more, and other times I am on vacation or drinking less, so it was nice to have the flexibility.


Neither. We all know about the subscription management page. If you look at the original post, you’ll see that I mentioned the option that Paulie J mentioned. I don’t think anyone is saying it’s impossible, we just think the old way was superior.


Yes, I would like to see the “add more now” option return I used it all the time.