Whey protein isolate vs concentrate - article


Found an extremely helpful article today on the differences between isolate and concentrate. Based upon what this guy is saying, it seems like using concentrate might be a better alternative if the numbers can be made to work properly. Any thoughts?


I’d be worried about increase in fat and cholesterol. Concentrate usually has about 20% cholesterol per serving. Not so good.


Hoooooo! I can eat beef jerky for them numbers.

Boy it’s a big jump in price though when going with isolate. Of course I bought my now powder on amazon prime for $130 so I paid a bit of a premium.


That article is very interesting thanks for sharing!

Dietary cholesterol is not as big a worry as everyone thinks. Though why take it in if you don’t have to.

Why are you worried about the increase in fat? Put less oil.


Big price difference for sure.

I started out my DIY 6 months ago with concentrate. Digestion issues came up. Although this may have just been the transition period, I don’t think concentrate helped any.

Concentrate may be slightly superior (per the article) in small doses, but when you’re ingesting over 100 grams of it per day, I don’t think your stomach will be happy (my wasn’t).


I use concentrate and havent noticed a difference other then my pocket book.