Whey Protein Powder and Lactose Intolerance


I haven’t started on Soylent (yet), mostly because I’m worried about a couple of issues, and secondly because I’m quite content to let the rest of you work out the kinks before trying it out myself.

My biggest concern at the moment is how those with lactose intolerant are doing with using Whey powder for a protein source. I’ve heard that lactose is relatively low in the powder (compared to milk overall), but I would like to hear that from a more experiential perspective.

Is it anything to worry about?


I’m also lactose intolerant, and will start with my soylent once all ingredients arrive, which should happen in a week or so. we’ll see how my intolerance copes with whey protein powder - the one I’m ordering has got low lactose. if that doesn’t work out too well - will go for a slightly pricier whey protein isolate, which is lactose free.


Rob wrote this in his latest update on http://robrhinehart.com/
“I made the decision to use whey isolate rather than the slightly cheaper concentrate / isolate blend. I am glad I did not just because my skin looks a little better and soylent is now lactose free”


Isolate will only have trace amounts of lactose and will be fine for most lactose intolerance cases.


Is soy protein so bad?

It’s available for half the per pound cost at WinCo.