Which excess micronutrients are important to avoid?


I’ve built out HAPPY CHOW! and my ingredients are arriving over the next few days. I’m probably going to start out doing only 1 meal a day, iterate the taste/ratios, see how I feel then step up to 2 meals, and possibly 3.

I’m thinking to just consume a full day of the micronutrients even when I’m eating 2 muggle meals a day (except for possibly potassium which has a lot of volume, maybe I’ll cut that in half). It’s easier since a lot of my micros in my recipe come from a single pill.

Assuming that I get 100% of RDA from my 2 muggle meals, I’ll be going over the max on: niacin, calcium, potassium, zinc.

It’s easy for me to cut the calcium and zinc in half because the serving is actually 2 pills for those. Potassium also, it’s a powder. Niacin is harder, because it’s built into my B vitamin pill. If i cut that pill in half, I’d be going way under on several other Bs.

How much should I be worried about too much niacin? Are there any others that i should be concerned about?


I found this page:

It has nice list of nutrients with established safe levels.


nice! i’ll dive into this later and see how my recipe stacks up.