Which is the best spreadsheet to use?


I don’t have MS Excel. Would prefer a google Docs one, but there are so many… which one do you think is the best?


I enjoy my template because I was able to incorporate a Completion Index (showing you how close you are to 100% complete based on your values) and also includes a Toxicity Alert System which will tell you if a particular ingredient is in toxic levels upon entering your values. It’s simple and easy to follow. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


+1 on this I also would like to know what fellow beta testers of soylent are using. I really would love to eliminate solid food from my diet


I’d recommend my own (at http://soylentben.wordpress.com/the-formula/ ) because I have tested it full time for a month.

I believe though that any recipe that is well discussed and tested can be good, your decision might just come down to taste.


im a fan of mine as well. but its not entirely done yet as i keep adding features to it.


I’m a fan of making my own to understand the general principle behind the ingredients then editing the database in the ruby app to add ingredients from my area and using it because it allow for extremely easy quantity changes.

Open office is free and has excel.


This is the app

This is how you use the app on your own computer

  1. Install ruby,
  2. Install rubygems
  3. gem install bundler

  4. In the project folder, “bundle install”
  5. After that “rails s” will start the server.

You can edit the data base by changing stuff in these files


We seem to all be a fan of our own. So am I. :slight_smile:


Alas, it is an excel spreadsheet. I love Google docs, but am stuck as a function I am using (convert) is missing from Google Spreadsheets.


When I click at your link I get a (mostly) empty spreadsheet…


Yep, because it’s a template! You enter in your own ingredients and values. To see the spreadsheet populated with my own formula as an example, click here.