Which is the cheapest meal replacement?

I know that in most cases making my own would be cheaper, but I would like to know which company provides the cheapest meal replacement options. Preferably those that ship to the UK.

I don’t think anyone keeps an official register of meal replacement prices. Soylent is one of the cheapest, however. Something called Schmilk is cheap. Recently someone claimed that Joylent was cheaper than Soylent when you were buying a month-to-month subscription. But the real cheap way to go is DIY soylent, when you follow someone’s recipe and make your own. I have seen recipes that only cost about $1 a day to make.

Have you seen any other then soylent that could actually be used 100% of the time. Most of the ones I seen in the DIY soylent forum are either have low/missing minerals, or have a really high concentration of them. I have not seen any that were pretty balanced like Soylent.

I think I have seen soylents that can be used 100% of the time, but you might be more critical than I am. I didn’t try any.

Joylent is pretty good and pretty cheap, cheaper than Soylent, especially if you live in Europe (ooops, I almost wrote European Union :smiley: ).


Blendrunner says Nano v2.0 is the cheapest, with Schmilk a close second, followed by Purelent and then Joylent.


Nano: 29 1/3 of 2000 kcal days costs 6 EUR per day
Joylent: 30 of 2119 kcal days costs 5 EUR per day

Nano gets cheaper only when you order A LOT:
Nano: 74 days - 4,50 EUR per day
Nano: 222 days - 4 EUR

Purelent looks a little dead, on its website ( https://purelent.eu/ ) we can see:

In April 2016 we will release our brand new version of Purelent. Subscribe below to get notified when pre ordering is available or the product will be launched!

For previous orders & product related questions contact us at info@purelent.eu

And that’s it. :slight_smile:

And the Schmilk is made in USA, which probably rules it out for somebody living in Europe.

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People saying schmilk are forgetting the cost of milk, it’s not that cheap. Schmilk is actually relatively expensive per calorie at $15 for 2000kcal.

When I calculated the cost of Schmilk I added the cost of milk and it was still significantly cheaper than Soylent. Unfortunately, i didn’t like it.

But what you’re actually paying for is necessarily more expensive because you can add milk to any powder soylent.

No. The milk is necessary for Schmilk to hit the macros and micros. Soylent hits the same marks with water.

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Wrong, because you have to add milk to get Schmilk and you don’t have to add milk to get Soylent. So milk counts as part of the cost of Schmilk. (But it is still very inexpensive.)

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