Which new soylent drink flavors would you like to see introduced?


I don’t think anyone started a thread on this already, so I thought I might throw this out there: Which new soylent drink flavors would you like to see introduced?

I’ll start by mentioning those at the top of my list:

  1. decaf (i.e., decaf coffee flavor)
  2. vanilla (non-cafe)
  3. peanut butter
  4. strawberry
  5. banana
  6. coconut

I stuck to sweet flavors because I can easily imagine those being palatable and popular, but I also wouldn’t object to sour (yogurt?) or salty flavors like chicken soup? or soylent green (aka human soup)? Yeeeah, forget that last one.


i could go for peanut butter and strawberry, would like to see them add a muscle soylent version with upped protein


My go-to when I make Soylent smoothies is always citrus and it’s SOOOOOO good. Orange/Pineapple… absolutely delicious. I’d have to try that in a heartbeat.

And vanilla… just simple vanilla bean. I’d be all over that too.


That’s a great list, especially vanilla and decaf coffee, but I gotta give a big Nope to sour or salty flavors. Then again, I guess you never know for sure until you try something, right? I mean salted caramel for sure would be great, but chicken soup? Eek.


Yes! As it is I’m adding protein powder to my last Soylent of the day for an extra boost. Rob, save me the headache!


Yeeah I’m totally stealing your list. (skipped decaf as I dont care on that. Re-ordered to my preferences.

vanilla (non-cafe)
peanut butter

  1. Banana
  2. Cake Batter
  3. Strawberry
  4. Vanilla
  5. A line of savory/salty/sour type flavors. I really hope they can make this work in a way that isn’t gross because those are the flavors I crave. I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth, and while I like Soylent’s existing flavors, they’re too dessert-like for me to want them all day long.


Green Tea (flavored, not actual green tea with caffeine or whatever)

Peanut butter sounded kinda good at first but I’m not sure I can drink an entire bottle of something that only tastes like peanut butter. I would prefer like a chocolate/peanut butter mix or something.

I am down for any fruit flavor or vanilla (non-cafe) as well.

I would give a Chicken Soup version a chance just cuz I would be too curious.


To follow chocolate PB, how about chocolate banana or chocolate PB banana?


mmmm chocolate banana (and choc PB nana)

EDIT: I have a lot of boxes of Shakeology packets at my house for some reason I can’t remember (I did not purchase them), and I think they taste pretty bad but if you put PB and/or banana in the Chocolate one it tastes pretty good.

  • Peanut Butter Jelly Time


Nothing personal against you here but, that’s gotta be the most tired phrase ever. I could probably come up with an endless list of things you would be certain you don’t “like” without having to try them. People have been saying that to me all my life and for a nice long while now my usual response has been “So, would you like a treat from my cat’s litter box? How do you know you won’t like it?” LOL



:astonished: :confounded: :nauseated_face:


A 90 proof Soylent version would be pretty cool. I have a hard time drinking alcohol while eating (when I’m eating I want something more refreshing than alcohol to drink, and when I’m getting full the last thing I want to wash it down with is alcohol), so maybe this would help me.


I guess that’s because when we talk, we make a lot of assumptions, otherwise every sentence would understandably become tediously protracted. Instead of saying, “It’s a nice day,” we’d have to say, “It’s a nice day, but keep in mind that’s only my opinion, and rigorous scientific research has shown that my opinion can be effected by innumerable factors such as my mood, how much sleep I’ve had, the status of my interpersonal relationships, my activities in the previous 24 hours, and my general health, including my emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Also sometimes words are not to be taken literally; I may just be attempting to strike up a conversation with no thought whatsoever to the literal meaning of my words, or for that matter the words I spoke may be 100% percent metaphorical, like if I’m making an inside joke, or quoting a movie line, or I’m making an oblique nod to a cultural meme, and I’m assuming that you will get the reference or in some other way ascertain the hidden meaning of the phrase. Then again there’s chance that I’m being facetious; you and I both know that today is a terrible day, but after all I am known for my biting wit, and making an obviously false statement about such a dreary day may just be my way of attempting a bit of humor to cheer you up. Finally, assuming that I am actually making a literal statement of fact as it pertains to my opinion regarding the weather, I’m taking into account our geographic location and the time of year. In other words this might be a perfectly average day in Summer or in Barbados, but since it’s now January and we’re in Minnesota, well… it’s a nice day.”

So when someone says, “You never know if you’ll like something until you try it,” it’s safe to assume that there are unspoken caveats to that statement, which include the idea that common sense exceptions or practical limitations apply, such as not eating anything that fell out of your cat after a hearty meal.

Salty food in place of sweet food: give it a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised. Sinking one’s teeth into a crunchy feline intestinal confectionery: proceed with caution.


Raspberry green tea
Mixed Berry
PB&J (I make some awesome PB&J smoothies with Soylent)
Vanilla (milky vanilla flavor, not coffee with Vanilla)
Chamomile tea


In no specific order.

Vanilla Custard
Peanut Butter
Pumpkin spice
Cookies n cream


Something salty might be good. Chicken noodle, Cheeseburger?
I know I am kind of a salt addict (Blood pressure is fine )
I saw a link to a Curry Soylent that supposedly tastes really good.
You could go with a Soylent version of V8.


Hops flavored Soylent.

It worked out pretty well for beer.