Which new soylent drink flavors would you like to see introduced?


Doesn’t the more changes RF adds with regard to flavors PRECLUDE many nutritional improvements, because EVERY FLAVOR would have to be reformulated to make sure that the nutritional change kept the flavor the same?

Maybe by embracing lots of flavors, we are seeing the nutritional content CEMENTED into the current formula. Is this the funeral of Soylent as a developing product, from the point of view of nutrition?


Flavoured powder is what I want and as far as which flavours: all of the above


pumpkin spice <3 <3 <3. I imagine that would be far too seasonal for Soylent to produce but I’d drink that 24/7.


I know they are working on flavored powder. I’m really excited to try it, but who knows how long before release. It sucks that I always felt like Soylent was ahead of the game, but many other brands offer flavored powder so it’s a shame to see Soylent falling behind there.


Honestly, I just want a price decrease.

Then Aperol flavour, followed by blueberry, then butter chicken curry.


Yeah I get that, but IMO it’s just such a completely and utterly caveated (is that a word?) phrase, that it doesn’t even bear repeating. But whatever… I’m not the linguistics police.


edit: I would just like to add, that I just made a batch of 1.8 powder with say 4-5 tablespoons of Frank’s RedHot and some extra salt and pepper, poultry powder(chicken bouillon basicly) garlic powder, ginger. It is my basic powder I put on chicken when I make it.

It is… interesting. Not bad at all. It takes the flavor well, the background heat is there but subtle. I will drink the rest, but would have to tweak it if I were to make it again. I don’t want to add butter, but something is missing. Franks makes a Buffalo sauce, maybe I will try that.


haha That’s awesome!

Now I wonder if you could make a batter out of Soylent, for deep-frying…


Not sure how many of you are aware of this–there is a thread dating back to May of this year, where a user posted feedback about two new soylent “mystery” flavors. The products were confirmed to have been shipped by RF. One was a soylent drink with a strawberry taste. The other was soylent 1.8 powder with a “beef” flavor kit.

I think it’s safe to conclude then that strawberry is very likely the upcoming Nectar replacement, and that RF is experimenting with salty flavors. If it all turns out to be true, I apologize ahead for ruining the surprise!


I want a replacement for Nectar. Strawberry would work for me. But please guys … can we call it “Strawberry” and not “Sunshine” or something?

Also, I would really like a flavored powder.


I recently read in another thread where Connor stated that the “flavored powders” taste amazing. So it seems they are coming.


Okay i’ll pass along your desire for an extra weird name for your favorite flavor. I’ll go above and beyond to make sure there can be no logical connection for said name to its traditional flavor association. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flavor powders are in the works.


I won’t be happy until there’s a Slurm flavored Soylent.


We are targeting 'Surge" taste profiles.


A sweeter/less bitter coffee flavor, like French Vanilla or Mocha. I like my coffee sweet with cream/milk and Coffeeist and the Vanilla version are too bitter for me.


Blueberry muffin batter.

When I was a kid, I loved the batter more than the muffins. Since Soylent is reminiscent of pancake batter already, seems like a natural fit.

Decaf Cafe versions
Cookie butter
Salted caramel


since flavor powders are coming, maybe we have to ask which flavored powders we like to see introduced? :slight_smile:

edit: i know this is a thread about soylent drink, but i would like to suggest that RF do a non-sweet bar too in the future. A chicken and wheat flavored bar. Chicken is the most popular among meats and i doubt people would prefer a veg flavored bar. So i think chicken and wheat if its possible to do would imo be popular. Pending taste testing ofcourse :slight_smile:

I mean chicken and bread.


Leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich.


In addition to my wish list of 5 flavors above (banana, cake batter, strawberry, vanilla, and something savory/salty/sour), I would like to add the following:

  1. Black Sesame
  2. Peanut Butter (would also be great as a combo with various other flavorings – including the above-suggested black sesame – but IMHO better to have it as a standalone flavor and mix it with others as one pleases)
  3. Cinnamon Roll / Cinnamon Swirl or the like

I also love @2noame’s suggestions of cheesecake, blueberry muffin batter, cookie butter, and salted caramel.


White Chocolate | Pumpkin Pie | & a higher protein version for lifters :us::canada::beer: