Which new soylent drink flavors would you like to see introduced?


Not too sure what would work well, but more non-sweet type flavours?


Yes, yes, and yes!



Higher protein may happen, but nothing in the realm of a product focused on lifting. It’s just to outside our realm of marketing to effectively hit at our current size. New flavors in the works will be somewhat familiar to most.


Coffee w/o the cacao please! I make my own coffee using cold brew concentrate because I dislike your “coffee”.
Black sesame sounds like it would be really good! The flavour profile is very similar.
Green tea sounds good. I just tried to make myself some using matcha powder and it took quite a bit of powder for it to affect the flavour.

For those interesting in peanut butter, I would recommend checking out peanut butter powder. I have some powder but I haven’t personally tried this myself. The powder is really good and strongly falvoured, so it should give you some very good peanut butter flavour.


I tried the peanut butter powder. It’s fine, but not very exciting though. Also it makes the mouth-feel a bit drier.


Had been very accustomed to mornings with Soylent powder mixed thick and a cup of coffee. :coffee: :+1:t4:


I’d like LESS flavor. I find 1.8 powder to be too sweet as it is.


Matcha would probably be quite tasty. And caffeinated.


Agreed. The vanilla cafe with a little creamer added is good (or the coffee flavor with a lot of creamer), but that kind of defeats the purpose of pre-bottled, ready to drink Soylent.


I would love to see a chocolate mint, strawberry, cookies and cream, peanut butter, and a cookie dough flavors added :slight_smile:


this is a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of this???


Nectar. I want it back dang it!


You may be the only person hahahaha


Several users reported liking Nectar, not just one. I never tried it, myself.


I want a Canadian flavour…


[“Soylent is people” blah blah joke here]

Come to think, though, maple-flavored Soylent would probably be quite good. I have enjoyed Soylent with maple-flavored LorAnn oil. Assuming they ever get to selling in Canada again, they should release a limited-edition maple flavor by way of a make-up gift.


Peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter. I said it 3 times so it should appear Right?


mint chip ice-cream flavor! Also cookies and cream flavor! And birthday cake!


OK but the only way it’s gonna meet the Can government acceptable levels of adequate daily nutrition is if Rosa were to use infants only during production. @soylent_team wouldn’t this also speed up the new formula ‘cause this sucks waitin’ !! :laughing::canada::fire::us:


how about catch up the powder to the current flavors