Which nutrients can I consume in pill form?

I’d like to get as many nutrients as possible by swallowing pills (up to a reasonable limit), and get the rest from a reduced Soylent recipe.

Are there any recipes out there to help me get started on this, or any tips / tricks? Of course, most people here have the opposite goal, and I understand the appeal of a single mix that has everything you need. But I find pills a lot easier to swallow (literally).

I’d appreciate any help in making this work!

Quick summary about me and my motivation: I have what they call a selective eating disorder. It’s a kind of phobia, where I have a very limited set of foods I am able to eat. Veggies especially are a problem for me. This makes my eating pattern not particularly healthy, which is why I’d like to see what Soylent can do for me. But it also means that I have problems with new tastes.

I’ve tried three different ready-made brands of Soylent (Queal, Joylent and SoylentLife; the original is not available in Europe), and I cannot get used to their taste. The added flavoring (e.g., vanilla, strawberry) hardly makes a dent in it, and I cannot take two gulps before giving up in defeat.


It depends how big the caps you’d be using, and of course you’d have to fill them yourself. There’s about 460 grams in a day’s worth of Soylent and probably similar for the other brands, judging by my psyllium husk caps which are decently sized, each cap can hold 0.5g, so if you want to have Soylent that way it would be an enormous hassle to fill and swallow that many in a day.

You could try solid-food soylent, I know there’s a guy here who has a DIY recipe designed for baking. The other alternative is using some flavoring good at covering, like cinnamon or sucralose.

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You can get most of your micros in pill form, so you’re left with mostly the macros. Do you like tortillas or oatmeal?

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I didn’t expect to take everything in pill form, though I now realize that my topic title is a bit ambiguous (now fixed). :slight_smile: More likely I’d take whatever ingredients are available in pill form and come up with a DIY recipe to fill the rest of my needs.

But you informed me of a possibility I hadn’t considered: filling my own capsules! I might just do that for any ingredients that are particularly objectionable. Thanks!

You can get your micronutrients, omega-3s, and fiber in pill form. You are on your own for the other 400ish grams of stuff you will need for your macronutrients.

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I’m not sure, since I’ve never had either. :sweat_smile: That’s part of the problem.

I plan to get a whole bunch of ingredients and start experimenting, identifying the ingredients I find objectionable and hopefully getting to a solution at the end of this (which I’ll share, of course). My main goal for this post is to find out if anyone has tried this before, or if there are any resources out there to make my job easier.

Yup, I kind of figured that. Thanks!

I’m not a super militant vegan (love meat) but you can buy non-gelatin (animal waste) capsules at the same cost. There has been some troubling research lately around the possible health effects of consuming the gelatin used for most pills, even in such small quantities. Just something to consider!

Do you have any references on that? (This seems particularly relevant to me.) Thanks!

You may do well to browse the DIY site paying special attention to the number of ingredients, it’s more likely that a recipe using fewer ingredients will fit your needs.

The reason you were asked about tortillas is that one of the simplest recipes is mainly corn based, and uses some pills. I’ve not tried that recipe, but don’t think I’d like it personally. I’m with you on the veggies. I’m sure I’m nowhere near as extreme as you, but I’ve always been a picky eater, I’ve been able to add some things as I get older, but there’s still a lot I have no interest in eating, ever. Another user here, @vanclute, has mentioned similar restrictions as you, and he now love’s the Soylent lifestyle.

Some recipes will also use a powdered multi, which may be worth considering. I use one and like it, it’s not gross tasting and really just disappears into my mix. You could use one of those recipes and replace the powdered micros with pills.

What foods do you like? It may help narrow down a suitable recipe.


The LIVESTRONG page I read that on a few months back is starting to seem fishy. The only real credible source listed was from the Brigham and Women’s hospital (Harvard affiliate), but the link is broken if you click it.

For now I’ll say my research was poor and I don’t have evidence. After looking more in-depth just now, I’m seeing a lot more potential benefits of gelatin and few side effects (things like x-contamination, which isn’t an inherent problem).

I redact my advice… I can’t find an embarrassed emoji, so here’s a camel.



Go skepticism! :wink:

PS: To express embarrassment, may I recommend this one, which I used myself just earlier: :sweat_smile:

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My parents and brother tried some Queal, and though none of them actually ‘liked’ it, they could drink it just fine. It seems like a problem particular to me (and perhaps @vanclute; do I detect another Dutchie?)

I guess I’ll just have a look at what those three (Queal, Joylent, SoylentLife) have in common, then try something like People Chow and see how that works out. In fact, Queel and Joylent both use oats (SoylentLife has no recipe here), and People Chow doesn’t, so that might be a good start.

(It seems like I’m going a bit off the topic of pills here. Perhaps I should start a separate thread dedicated to ‘my quest’? I’m not sure about the netiquette around here yet.)

A lot of topics tend to veer. Some get up over 100 posts with all kinds of sub-discussions. Unless its so off-topic that its not even related to the discussion - or someone suddenly disagrees with you and arbitrarily decides thats “off topic” - you’re probably fine.

I’d use that emoji, but I’m afraid Australians would just think I’m crying.

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I’m also with you on the taste issues, and notably the veggie problem! And I’m not even a super taster, in fact, I’m a non-taster; I just don’t like a lot of vegetables (most notably peas). Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, I’d go for a recipe that has a high amount of Palatinose and possibly Trehalose. Palatinose is especially good because it has a low glycemic index. And it is reasonably priced in Europe (the cheapest source I’ve found for it in the US is from an Ebay seller who is located in Poland and resells the product from the UK!).

I strongly dislike any of the vegetable proteins (I’ve tried most of them, because I really wanted to create or use a vegan recipe); I also disliked corn (masa) when I tried it; and I don’t like bittiness or graininess (which will exclude solutions like 100% Food). I don’t want to use a ketogenic recipe, and my wife is both celiac and lactose intolerant!

My solution: use pills for most micros; use very fine oat flour (rice flour is good for taste, but not so good health-wise) and Palatinose for most of the carbs; use whey isolate for protein (I’m using a powder that has flavors); and use MCT oil for fat (this has very little flavor). The only significant problem I’ve had is potassium … all of the solutions seem to involve a very salty taste, and I haven’t seen a reasonable solution that involves taking pills (well, you could take about 40 pills, but that seems excessive).

I am also experimenting with (UK style) flapjacks (known as oat bars in the US) by replacing the oat flour with rolled oats and the MCT oil with butter, and using unflavored whey. But that’s a work in process.


Ehm… Wait, I’ve got this one… Australians have tear-ducts in their foreheads?