Which oat flour to use in the DIY database?


Hello, I’m new here. Starting with the hacker school recipe because I already have most of the ingredients and it seems like a good starting point for customizing. My goal is to develop a simple shake that will make me feel satisfied until the next meal, not to live on it exclusively. But I still want to get good nutrition from it.

Here’s the problem: While entering ingredients in the DIY tool I noticed there are several different database entries for oat flour. Tried copying from a few other recipes - no apparent consensus on which to use. The amounts of macronutrients vary a little from one to the other, and the micronutrients vary a LOT. Molybdenum for example. This makes me worry about whether the data can be trusted or if someone just pulled it out of his ear.

Which oat flour entry is from the best data source? My oats came in a generic bag from my local Vitamin Cottage store. I assume the USDA nutrient database might have some bearing on this. How well integrated with this system are the USDA’s numbers?



I’m also having a similar problem with lecithin. The numbers are all over the place, and the entry for the specific brand I’m using (NOW Foods) doesn’t show any choline at all. Even though the label on the jar brags about having it. Says 2.3g phosphatidyl choline and 1.4g phosphatidyl inositol per 10g serving. If anyone knows enough chemistry to derive the choline amount from that…


This is a very common problem, and I think @nickp is trying to come up with a way to make this ingredient cross-referencing easier and more accurate. As for oat flour, I probably used the USDA database values - either that, or I copied from another recipe that seemed legit. :stuck_out_tongue: