Which One Of You Clowns Was This?


At about 1:17:30 someone calls in and just starts talking about Soylent. It had to be someone who posts here. It’s funny because I considered emailing the podcast to ask Jeff if he considered Soylent since he has a similar attitude towards food as me. He does seem interested in it.

Soylent 1.3 Shipping Today

Who is Jeff and what is giantbomb? Never heard of him or it…


Video Games. Jeff’s been a Games Person for like 20 years. Giant Bomb is his website, formed after he was fired from Gamespot for giving Kane and Lynch a mediocre review after Gamespot had received lots of advertising dollars from Eidos, Kane and Lynch’s publisher. It was… A whole thing.


Ah… I enjoy and play games but am not “a gamer” so am not clued into the subculture. :slight_smile:


As a heads up, anyone with any sense who’s into the hobby doesn’t use that term. Especially not after certain recent events.


Ok, you’ve piqued my interest. What do you now call yourselves? What happened to ruin the old term?


Eh, it’s always been a stupid term, but specifically, this year there was a pretty awful campaign of harassment towards women in the game industry, including death threats, under the name “gamergate”. It became a muddied thing, with some people legitimately concerned about ethics in game writing (payoffs, as mentioned above, various deals with YouTube personalities, etc) using it, but for the most part it was a really vile and misogynistic “movement”.

I would say “game player”, while a little awkward, is preferable if you really need a label other than just “someone who likes games”. It’s not like there are “moviers” or “musicers”.


Yeah, the modern term, “gamer” is getting tightly tied to the video game subculture, even though the term existed long before there were videogames.

I say I’m “into gaming.” This includes things like poker, strategy games, room escapes, etc… as well as video games.


OK so now I’m curious… what exactly would constitute a “room escape”? Would that be something like Portal?


Idk, I still call myself a gamer, I don’t see a reason why I should change the term just because someone else couldn’t behave themselves. It goes nicely with professional and hardcore gamer.


I think “certain recent events” aren’t a good enough reason to change the language I use. I play videogames quite often, (or at least I used to) ergo I’m a gamer. Changing the word changes nothing.


Examples from my neck of the woods:



I consider myself a boardhead, not that it’s a term in wide use. I like boardgames.


Holy crap that’s so cool. Only a NY thing I guess? Sounds like fun!


No, you’ll find them all over, but we do have a bunch in NY. I have a friend in town from Reno; he’s done several around there, and we’re doing one in Manhattan tonight.

I went looking for a Groupon for one this week, and it tried to give me one in Denver.

You gotta look, but they’re around - and way cool if you’re in a good group!


@Dias @Tordenskjold Yeah this is why I wear swastikas on all my clothes. Why should I let it be ruined by some group I had nothing to do with? It’s just a symbol for good luck!

@MentalNomad here I was thinking you were referring to that genre of flash games, or maybe stuff like 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward.


@Larry :slight_smile: I think that is a too harsh comparison, invoking Godwin’s law heh.
Obviously I don’t identify myself with those people who did it during gamergate, those people might aswell have been called redditors or 4chaners. (Who also game)


It wasn’t really a serious comparison, it was supposed to be outlandish, but the point is salient. Granted, I’ve always hated the term anyway, so this is an ideal time to move away from it as a subculture.

(Also 4channers and redditors are pretty much the Nazis of the 2010s anyway :poop:)


Heh :slight_smile: good thing we can call ourselves whatever we want then.


4chan yeah, but redditers too… why?