Which Order Should I Cancel?


In August 2013 I ordered a week of Soylent. In May 2014 I signed up for a 2 week subscription.

Going by the estimate provided my subscription delivery should come mid August at the latest. I don’t have much confidence in receiving it by then, based on past delivery estimate performance, but let’s assume it is accurate for the moment.

I have no idea when the 1 week order from Aug 2013 will be delivered but based on the current rate of shipping Sept seems like the earliest date.

My question is this: which order should I cancel?

If I can reorder and receive additional Soylent in 1-2 weeks after either of my orders ships it does not seem logical to have two outstanding order, which Soylent (via info@soylent.me) has already confirmed they will no combine.

Pros and Cons:

Keep Aug 2013 Order: This is the lowest cost option but I have no clue when I will receive this. At some point backers may get priority accelerating my shipment. Based on the current data it is not clear at all how I will get this before my subscription.

Keep May 2014 Subscription Order - This gets me out of the “backer” category which seems to have turned into a scarlet letter around here(‘Your a backer, not a customer, you should have no expectations’ kind of mood). The subscription was ordered with a 10-12 week lead time putting it firmly in an expected delivery window.



“Keep the 2013 order.” would be my best bet.

It sounds like you ordered the subscription after the 4/25 cutoff, which means that it is in line after backers/preorders (although if you ordered before May 9th, I’d confirm with @JulioMiles - there’s a little bit of a grey area after consolidation cutoff and before site-launch).

In other words, my current understanding of the ship queue is to ship out everything ordered before May 9th first (plus re-orders as received), and post-9th orders will not start going out until that is complete. 10-12 weeks was an estimate as to when the pre-cutoff queue would be complete, and (this is my assumption) if backers aren’t done getting their shipments by then, it’s the date that gets pushed.

Edit: although you make a good point that “10-12 weeks” was framed more as a consumer-order delivery window, so I’m not sure they still have the flexibility to do that. It may be too tightly tied to internal info, but it’s possible that @JulioMiles will stop by and be able to provide more info than my above interpretations.


On one hand I have an order that is low priority (1 week backer) with no shipping estimate and another that has a shipping estimate (subscription with 10-12 week lead time) that may be even lower priority than the order with no estimate.

Talk about a rock and a hard place!

@JulioMiles if you can provide some insight here that would be great. Which one will I get first?

edit: Just for clarity I did order the subscription after the April combine cutoff date, and I did try via info@soylent.me to get it combined but they were unable to accommodate (I did get a response back in a couple of days).


Did you use the same email address for both orders?

If so, my understanding is that the subscription is placed on hold until after your initial 1 week order has been delivered, once you have that original order the first subscription order should ship within two weeks. The subscription won’t come first.

If not, then they are separate orders that shouldn’t be tied together. I would still expect your original order to come first, as the plan has been to get to backers/pre-orders before new customers.

In either case I would keep the original one week order. Once it has been delivered you should still get priority in the queue so that any reorder you make at that time will go out within two weeks.


I did use the same email address. I’m just confused on the shipping process/priority.

So, when I ordered the subscription there was a 10-12 week lead time.

Does that lead time on the subscription get pushed out because I’m a backer waiting on my 1-week backer order or does the backer order get accelerated because I have a subscription that is coming up on the given lead time?

If I was not a backer would I get my subscription within the 10-12 week subscription window or is Soylent not able to meet that window for those that signed up for subscriptions so far?

@JulioMiles any help here would be much appreciated!


Yes, that is how I understand it works. They have said that new customer orders will ship in 10-12 weeks, but if your an existing backer any reorder/subscription will ship about 2 weeks after you receive your original order.

No, it does not accelerate from what I’ve seen, see above.

At this point we are all hopeful that they will have all backer orders delivered first, and in time that they can then start delivering the new customer orders within the promised 10-12 weeks. If they are able to keep the schedule that they have been presenting you should get your original 1 week order before any of the new customer orders get fulfilled.

Hopefully @JulioMiles or @Ana can confirm for you.


That’s an ugly situation isn’t it?

If I was not a backer would I get my Soylent subscription within the 10-12 week window? I think that’s the root of the problem here. I don’t know if being a backer is hurting my chances of getting my subscription started on time.

If they were to meet the Subscription lead time and I was to get my Backer order 1-2 weeks ahead of the subscription that would mean my 1-week backer order would come in the next 30 days. Given the backlog is that even possible? Or is the situation more likely that they can’t meet the 10-12 week subscription lead time and just haven’t told us yet?

I guess the situation hinges on if the commitment to the10-12 week lead time for subscriptions is real. And if new subscriptions by existing backers are being treated differently.


They have said that they plan to ship all backer orders before shipping subscriptions.


Can you point me to a link for this? The blog and the website still say 10-12 weeks. In fact that latest blog says the current shipping status is orders placed after May 6th will ship 10-12 weeks after order date.


Hmmm, can’t find the post I thought I read :stuck_out_tongue: I think that tagging Julio (as you have done) should help. Have you also posted and tagged in the official shipment thread?


Great idea! Thanks, I’ll give it a try.


Seconding this. Looking around for a quote to support it.

Hm. I’m not sure if/where this was ever explicitly confirmed. Here’s hoping you get a reply from @JulioMiles - if it’s not internal knowledge, it’d be good to know officially whether the backer queue is scheduled to be clear before the new-order queue, or if there will be overlap.


Hmm… I wonder if that means the first people to sign up for subscriptions won’t get their Soylent 10-12 weeks from when they ordered.


That seems possible. I’m sure the shipping team is pushing real hard to make sure they don’t have to announce another delay… Good luck, guys! :sweat_smile:


Hey @Relax, sorry about not addressing your questions sooner!

Backer orders will be shipped before new orders/subscriptions placed on the current Soylent.me site. Once you receive your 1 week of Soylent, your subscription will activate and you will receive your first subscription delivery in 1-2 weeks – unless you cancel, of course.

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Thanks @JulioMiles for the reply. It’s good to hear the backer order is coming first, and I’m sure the rest of the community with be happy with the clarity. Since I can reorder at any time and get it within the same time period of the subscription I’ll cancel the subscription order. If I like it I’ll probably just sign up for another subscription.