Which "Soylent" is available in Europe?


In less three weeks I’m runing out of my selfimported Soylent 1.4. :sob:
It’s hard but I had to find a product replace it 'cause I love the way to eat.
Order products from the USA is either not possible by the manufacturer, or the costs will kill you (just saw $ 26.75 for 1Week of KetoChow). :confounded:
So I’ve ordered “a few” bags from some European competitors.
Everyone is telling that it got 100% of the nutrients, so the only way to find an alternativ are:
taste, handling & expriences with the product.

I don’t want to make surreptitious advertising, but I had to find a solution for my supply bottleneck. :innocent:

Here is a list of providers with comparable products I have found (& ordered) until now:
Delivered. Tried the chocolate and the banana. To many oatflour for me. Dont feel stuffed. Keeps me hungry.
Not delivered (ordered today)
Not delivered (ordered today)

Czech Republic
Not ordered until now.

Not delivered (ordered today)

Soylent by actibest
(unofficial) “LICENSEE” of SOYLENT/soylent Europe UHG
Delivered but not tested
Not ordered until now.
Not ordered until now.

Not delivered (ordered today)

Shops/Sites I found and not trusted:

Did anyone know others stores or got experiences with those products?

Which of the many Soylent substitutes available in Europe is the best?
Our introduction to the community, Pulve.com
Full list of clones [In Europe]

Isn’t Queal also from the netherlands?


Ups. You are right. They are from Rotterdam…


Soylent by actibest6
exclusive LICENSEE of SOYLENT/soylent Europe UHG
Delivered but not tested

We have NO LICENSEE. Their claim is 100% false.

[UPDATE: THEY ARE NOT] Actibest as RL distribution partner in europe?

I wonder if they mean that they officially acquired the name “Soylent” in Europe/Germany. I hope you guys look into it.


We have it trademarked.


Actibest is not the only one who uses the name “Soylent”.
On the bottom of a mail from Queal I found

“Queal – Your new meal – Soylent of Europe, Nederland”


“Soylent of Europe” is not the same as saying their product is named “Soylent”, it is saying, their product is the European version of Soylent. the “of” part is important :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you edit that out?


I’ve edited in a clarification to the in the original post, replacing “exclusive” with “unofficial”, hyperlinked to @Conor’s clarification.

I’m not certain if the usage here is repeating a phrasing found on the provider’s site, or an assumption on phrasing, and I didn’t want to go in and actually remove content from the post without this knowledge.

@HermanTheGerman, depending on the term usage by actibest6 themselves, it may be best to remove the “licensee” descriptor entirely, for clarity.


In my very rudimentary reading of German, OP was merely repeating the phrasing found on the provider’s site.


Is it me or the Soylent bandwagon is in full force in Europe?


Well considering official Soylent isn’t available, it’s not surprising for alternatives to pop up!


My last words about Joylent: much fiber produces much gas and even more poo.
Tomorrow I’ll start with the actibest or Purelent :fork_and_knife:


I’ve tried Mana, threw it away. To my taste it’s disgusting, though some people like it I’m sure.
I’ve ordered Jake and Queal and I’m currently waiting for them to arrive.

The fact that these exist prove that there is a demand and a market for this type of product. Soylent needs to get their act together and fix global distribution if they want to stand a chance of changing the world because if the other products are inferior then it just tarnishes the whole concept before people get the chance to try the good stuff!


I’ve been on 100% Joylent for a few months (mostly vanilla), and loved it but at the point of making much more meals than needed. I also didn’t feel stuffed.

I’m now on 100% Queal (low calories/Vanilla, Strawberry, Apple Pie) since near six months (see my profile), first it was edible but the powder was barely mixing with the water. Since a few weeks they use higher quality ingredients resulting in a better mix with water, I almost don’t feel the powder anymore. I’m very satisfied but still not quite satiated.


Started with Purelent today.
(After the weekend with mugglefood). :speak_no_evil:
Tried the vanilla flavor.
Less intensive as expected, quite good for me.
Less oatflour-particles in my mouths than with Joylent.
More stuffing than Joylent.


I probably shouldn’t mention because I love how you say “stuffing”, but the usual idiom in English is “filling”. (To be “stuffed” is to feel like you’ve eaten too much.)


During the years I live with my overweight I lost the feeling of “I have had enough”. Filled feels like “there is something in my stomach - but there is space for more”. Stuffed means for me “filled up to the max, I can’t eat even more”. :wink:


Well, in that case you do mean “stuffed”!