Which "Soylent" is available in Europe?

I’ve been consuming Joylent for a few months now - one meal per day during work as snack. I cannot say anything about how filling it is as main dish, but as a snack it works for me.
I’m pretty content with the current version. Actually I like the gritty texture.
Also the company seems to be quite transparent for now. Maybe I’ll try queal some day in the future.

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I have also been using Queal for about 6 months and never experienced that it was barely mixing with water. One flavour (Apple Pie) tends to clump a little but nothing major.

However, if you say they are now using better ingredients, that can only be a good thing.

I had Queal for 2 months and I’m trying Joylent for the moment.

I don’t really like Joylent. The texture is weird although it’s smoother than Queal. It even seems a bit “slimy” to me, but it’s maybe a matter of mixing it with the right amount of water. The flavors taste artificial to me and there are only 4 of them (8 for Queal), and I’m not feeling as much full when I drink it (1 bag 3 times a day). I guess it’s a personal opinion, as I’ve read that people complained about the same with Queal.

I have 10 days of Joylent, but I’ll most certainly buy back from Queal afterwards.

I don’t mind Joylent banana flavour at all. I just received another 90 meals from them. :slight_smile:

Probably because I was referring to the weight loss variant, sorry I didn’t make it clear in my comment.

I’ve been DIYing Synectar and love it! I did a free sample trial of Queal but found the texture too gritty and the flavours too strong.

as a quick update, I’m now testing both Jake and Queal.
Queal passes the taste-test so far, but I’m finding that I do need to use an immersion blender to get rid of the gritty powder taste/texture. I’m pretty impressed by it, although the packaging or lack of it lowers confidence in the product.

Then there’s Jake, and I’m super impressed. Different to most it’s mix and drink right away. It mixes well with no grittiness, has a smooth texture and tastes pretty good.

Not made my mind up yet which one I’ll stick with, there’s still Mana’s next offerings to try!

So much choice :slight_smile:

Jake mixes quite well with the shaker. It is not perfectly smooth though.

My biggest problem with Jake is, that the primary taste is disgusting to me. The vanilla taste is more a secondary taste and tastes ok.

So I am looking for different taste. How different are other products compared to Jake?

Hey guys, actually there is another store from the Netherlands, called ‘SoylentLife’. You can check them out here:

The website: http://www.soylentlife.nl/nl/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soylentlife?ref=hl

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Missed this thread on a search but fortunately another user pointed me here. Tried Joylent, Queal and Jake, now I have a rake more to order. Oh my poor poor wallet.

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Theres BERTRAND. Its the first drink which is organic certified. They have to get all vitamins and minerals from real food.

The ingredients doesnt dissolve as good as Soylent, but i actully like this kind of texture.


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I’m aware the European alternatives to soylent have been discussed plenty on here but it’s not easy to find a definitive answer on which is the best. I think a lot of people would find it very useful to read a thread where several people give their view on this.

Like many others, I live in the UK but am really keen on giving Soylent a try. Unfortunately it’s only available in the US and Canada for the foreseeable future. Shipping from America seems too slow. I’m not looking to entirely replace my diet with Soylent or something similar, I just want it around for those times when I’d rather not have to worry about sorting out a meal. I reckon I’d have it instead of a meal around 5-10 times a week.

There’s many knock-off versions available in Europe I’ve read about - actibest, Jake, Queal, Joylent and so on. Simple question - forgetting about cost, which do people think is the best one and closest to the real deal?

The claim has been made that Soylent itself is being released in Europe “soon”, whatever that means.

You are probably not going to get a definitive answer on what variant of Soylent is best. That would take a committee of people buying all variants and comparing them. I doubt that there is such a committee.

Here in Europe we are spoilt for choice with many different products to choose from. The ‘best’ is going to be subjective and few will have tried every European product so few are going to be in a position to state what is ‘best’.

My opinion is that Jake and Nutrilent are among the best, certainly the best I have tried and I’ve tried five now. What I haven’t tried although I have just ordered it, is Huel and I like the fact they have eliminated maltodextrin. Should be arriving today and I’m keen to try it.


True, but I think all the OP wants is

Which others have you tried?

I tried Queal and Joylent. Both with varity pack, I didn’t like Queal, most of the flavors didn’t really have much flavor to it and it tastes more like oatmeal and water with a hint of the flavor it was suppose to have. I didn’t feel that great on Queal.
Joylent had better flavors and texture in my opinion and even felt better and less hungry on it. Of the flavors they had, I prefered vanilla, but I have heard others liked the banana the most.

If I were to try another soylent in Europe, it would be Nutrilent… and actibest should be banned, they basically claim to be “official Soylent” or at they did. (or it could have been a bad translation)

Try looking at www.blendrunner.com


How many threads do we need though?

On another note, it’s worth pointing out that Queal have just updated their formula and the texture is much improved - smoother and thicker - although the flavours are a bit subtle.

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agreed. merged discussion

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Haven’t seen any reviews for Huel pop up yet. Not really relevant to me, living in Canada, but I’m curious.