White Blobs in Soylent Cacao

Are there supposed to be little white blobs floating in the Soylent Cacao bottles? Is this normal? I tried to take a picture, but the lighting doesn’t really work.

Has anyone else noticed this? It’s my first time trying the Cacao drink as I usually just get Original.

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I don’t remember little white blobs, but then I’m not looking for food problems. How did it taste?

I got my package of Cacao sometime last week and also noticed the same exact thing today as i opened up the first bottle. There are white chunks floating around the bottle. I am not sure what these are or if they are safe to drink and I have never noticed this in the past. kay2@ did you contact soylent?

A picture in good lighting would be great. I have been drinking soylent cacao bottles for over a year and I’ve never experienced white blobs. Maybe a white speck though.

That sounds like mold. Take one out and break it open. Let’s do some field research!

I noticed the same thing this morning as well in my Cacao bottle. I was able to take a semi successful photo of it and here it is.

It was very sweet, so hard to tell if it was ‘off’ or not. I noticed the blobs shortly after and have been afraid to drink it until I know for sure if this is safe. I haven’t contacted Soylent yet.

I’ll try to take some pictures and do more investigation tonight, but the first time you couldn’t really see it very clearly. I opened a second bottle and it had the exact same thing, so it appears to be the entire batch, not just one.

Is there a return policy for defective products?

What is the best way to contact Soylent directly?

Should I just use the ‘Official Feedback’ thread?

I’ll try to fish one of the blobs out and see if I can photograph it against a black plate to get a better view of what it is. I fished one out before and the texture was quite slimy.

Definitely switching back to Original after this! :tired_face:

Yes. The company has been extraordinarily responsive to customers not happy with a product. If I were you, I would go to soylent.com and find the form that helps you get a message to customer service. I expect that you probably won’t even have to return your product–they will probably immediately send you a replacement.

Don’t think it’s mold. Not sure what it is, but I’ve contacted Soylent and they’ve been very helpful and responsive about it so far. If I find out more I’ll let you know.


I just discovered this for the first time last night in two of my bottles. I think it’s unemulsified oil. It has a consistency like buttermilk fat you might find at the top of certain milks and yogurts. It doesn’t taste bad - it doesn’t have much taste apart from the sweetness of the drink. And it doesn’t smell weird either. I feel safe ingesting this.

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