Who do I contact to make a complaint?


You guys really need to work on your communication. My credit card was charged without any email telling me it had happened and now I am screwed. I was charged $75USD by Rosa Labs, not having any idea they were the manufacturer of your product. Now about a week later the charge was REVERSED. Since my bank converts foreign currency transactions into Canadian dollars, I have now lost about $5 for NOTHING. Please leave an email or something here so I can contact someone about this as I feel it is completely unfair and poor business practice to do transactions like this with no notice whatsoever to the customer.


That would probably be either @JulioMiles or @rob, although I fail to see how this is anybody’s fault but your own.


You are a baby. You could die any minute and you are mad about 5 dollars. Just live your life man.

Please do not buy their product or fund them in any way.


If you pledged your money you knew that money was coming out. It is on you to prepare for something you know is going to happen.


How you you prepare when you don’t know WHEN it will happen. Not everyone checks this site or knows or remembers that they’re Rosa Labs now instead of Soylent or something else.


There was so much discussion about these timelines… I don’t get how this was unexpected. Nor do I understand how someone doesn’t know Rosa Labs is the company they made to create Soylent.

I don’t mean to come across as rude but if you can’t balance and reconcile your account ledger properly it isn’t the Soylent team aka Rosa Lab’s responsibility.


Simple, always make sure you have enough in your account to cover it until you are positive the payment has posted.


This information has been available for a long time.

Blog update 11/2/2013:
You may have noticed that the New York Magazine article mentions Rosa Labs. We have been doing business as Rosa Labs from the beginning, but wanted to wait a few months before publicizing anything other than the Soylent identity.

Or, doing a quick google on “what’s the company that just charged me money”

RosaLabs.com front page:
Rosa Labs strives to create innovative nutritional products. Our first product is Soylent.

When did you make the order? Sometimes banks have a lag in processing.

Did you reverse it yourself because you didn’t recognize Rosa, or did it just happen for an unknown reason? Again, I’d try contacting your bank first, to see if they had something to do with it.

When you mention losing $5, do you mean in a transaction fee? Or that 75CAD was charged, but only 75USD was refunded? In either case, that is your bank’s fault - and you might consider a new bank, because frankly either of those options sounds like a pretty bad way to do business.

If you don’t have an email with a subject line something like “Your confirmation for Soylent - Free Your Body”, you definitely need to send an email to info@soylent.me. Chances are you may have made a typo in your original order, and that’s why you haven’t seen a receipt.

Maybe not, but people worried about when money will be taken out of their account are certainly among those who would be very interested in doing so, especially so close to shipping.


Hello Rob, very sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused you – your complaint is totally legit as we did not intend to charge international backers at this time, since we are not ready to begin shipping internationally.

Please let me know the best way for us to send you the ~$5 difference – we can mail you a check or paypal you.

Again, sincere apologies for the mixup.


For the record, I’m the person to contact in situations like this – @rob has way too much on his plate to deal with ops stuff like this :smile:


@juliomiles I think you’re gonna need an assistant soon!

Tell @rob to stop in and say hi on the forum every now and then. People like hearing from him. :slight_smile:


I think my CC was charged too. I don’t mind but bear in mind, this is happening.


Hi Julio, thank you so much for the quick response! Could you give me an email you can be reached at that I can send my Paypal information to?



@Rob26536 The email that Julio gives out publicly is info@soylent.me


Hi @Rob26536 , I sent you a PM – please let me know if you didn’t receive it.