Who else would like some Soylent brownies?


You may (or may not) have heard about the Potato Salad kickstarter campaign. Well, I have been inspired to pay it a compliment by imitating.

So, who would like to try some of my brownies and participate in something utterly ridiculous? :smiley:


This guy has enough soylent to start a kickstater with, meanwhile i am still waiting for my order from 5/24/13.

that aside, those look delicious.


I’m allergic to peanuts. Does your recipe include peanut butter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well played young Jedi. It is ironic that kickstarter turned down Soylent.


“my” recipe is actually just @leecauble1’s recipe, though I did add chocolate chips to two batches. Super delicious. So, no peanut butter. I wonder what peanut butter brownies would be like. Hmmmm…


Oh and to be clear, technically at this moment I have enough Soylent to make several batches, but if for example this were to go all crazy and I have to make 6000 pounds of brownies… I’m gonna need a little extra. :wink:


Cool. If you post the ingredients list on your Kickstarter, I might actually back it. :wink:


I could do that, no problem, they’re available here as well.


If this goes as crazy as the potato salad, I’ll join. haha. Mostly because it would be a Soylent themed party.

O_O Soylent totally needs its own convention/meetups. I want to meet other Soylenters now…


Hey who knows, maybe this can get some legs and turn into the world’s first global Soylent party! :wink:

Soylenteers, unite!


I’ve pledged! :smiley:


All right, backed for $10! :wink:


LOL you guys are awesome. 2/5 of the way there! Soylent brownies here we come. :wink:


When you say a “bite” of the brownies does that mean a single brownie?



Wow 60% funded already. Looks like there will be brownies!

As for how much a “bite” is, I guess it will somewhat depend on the number of backers. If it’s just a handful of us, then heck yeah you’ll each get at least one brownie, maybe more if I make several varieties. :slight_smile: To me, “a brownie” is somewhere around 2" by 3", ish. I was really just imitating the potato salad campaign with the “a bite” thing. I’ll send as much as I can afford to… otherwise I’ll have to eat all these brownies myself, and I still have about 2/3 of a batch in my fridge already! LOL


I love brownies… Can’t wait for the campaign to complete! buhahahaha… (and receive my Soylent order but just been waiting patiently!)


LOL wow, already 80% funded now in just a couple hours! Don’t forget to send in your ingredient suggestions. :slight_smile:


…brownie-appropriate… uh… Peanut butter? haha ill add to the list as time goes by 8D.


I’m game for peanut butter for sure! But as @axcho pointed out, I’ll definitely still make a nut-free batch regardless, for those who have nut allergies.


Yeah, I can’t eat peanuts.

And probably wouldn’t want to eat anything that isn’t in the original recipe! God knows what people think is appropriate.