Who has preordered 3+ Months?


So i figure anyone that has ordered more then 3 months most likely is semi active on the forums, and since shipping times are prioritized by quantity first. If you are reading this and have ordered MORE than 3 months of soylent, let it be known.

This way myself and others who have ordered 3 months will know how likely it is we will be in the first round of shipping.

I would like to assume i would be in the first round, but you never know with this crazy soylent people X)

Just made a poll, plz vote http://strawpoll.me/1494891


I’m pretty sure you’re in the first round. :smile:


I figure I’ll live another 60 years hopefully, so I ordered 700 months, taking into account decreasing caloric needs as I get older. I plan on keeping it in a deep freezer so it stays fresh.


Backed one month, ordered one more as an add-on through backerkit.


I backed two weeks, but then added three more weeks on top of that, to put me ahead of the one-monthers. :smile: But they probably thought of that too…


I technically did. Two orders of 3 months each. That is technically 6 months.


Backed one month, added another through Backerkit like @j​8048188 did. Going to be sharing a lot with family and friends who are interested but hesitant to pre-order their own.


You can install a discourse plugin btw @rob



I ordered 3 months during the original campaign. Julio has told me those size orders should go out in the first day or two.


Six STINKING MONTHS-----must be 20 characters