Who has the earliest order date?


Since they’ve stated that shipping of larger orders will be by order date, I’m curious to know how early in the pipeline I might be. My order date was August 29 2013. How does this compare to others? I’m not sure when the campaign originally started, I just placed my order pretty much immediately upon finding out about it as I’ve wanted something like this my entire 40 years of life.


June 13th, 2013 for me. I ordered 1 week initially. Now 2 months total.


May 22nd, 2013

And in looking that up I stumbled across another email update (from Jun 20, 2013) that stated,

In light of increased attention and demand that we observed in the past few days of the campaign, we’re going to keep accepting pre-orders even after the campaign ends on June 21 at 9pm PDT – though subsequent orders will not include the Soylent shaker bottles, which are going to be limited to our initial Soylent backers.  Also, orders placed after the campaign ends will ship after the initial batch reserved for campaign backers.  So, if there’s a friend, family member, coworker, or mailman who you’v been meaning to tell about Soylent but haven’t yet, you’ve gotten a reprieve!

So much for shipping the initial batch to campaign backers first. Now people are outright being encouraged to buy their way to the front of the line!


Crowdfunding and preorders started on May 21, 2013.


Yep, my initial 1 month order was on 5/21. I was one of the first 10 people to order a full month supply.

On May 29th they added the option for a 3 month supply, but at the time, you couldn’t upgrade your order or add additional orders to the same email.

On June 3rd, I received an email informing me that they enabled people to add additional months to an order by just ordering again. On June 10th, I added 2 additional months.

Despite all this, people like me are now being moved behind other orders…


The email sent to me with subject line: “You just made a payment!” is dated 5/28/13…


5/22/13 did not even get an email about the kit shipping out yet…


Same here, I was among the first to order and I have not received any shipping information for my starter kit yet.

Disappoint, but will continue to check my email every 10 seconds anyway.


Initial 1 month supply on 5/21 as well, later added another month. But I was going to go with the fish oil, so I guess I’m getting pushed down in the queue as well. :frowning:


Actually I never got any email about it either even though my kit has already arrived. Go figure…


I ordered the first day. Minutes after the site was up, I ordered. And then later I ordered more, and later more. :smile:

And I just got my starter kit! :sunny: Love the pitcher - very nicely designed.


First day as well… 5/21… payment email at 13:10:52 PDT (UTC -7)… about halfway through the initial funding goal… one month supply from the get go. Had been waiting for the longest time for the crowdhoster to even go up. No sign of a shipping notification for starter kit or anything yet.


Looks like I was first day too and I didn’t even know it. Here’s my credit card statement from 5/21/13
05/21 BAL*crowdhoster.com 888-921-8458 CA 230.00
I wonder what the odds are on me getting my order before the 1yr anniversary?


5/21/2013 here… can’t believe it’s been nearly a year!


Got my receipt email on 2013-05-21 @ 1:22 PM (UTC-7). Original order was for one month. I added another month and two extra pitchers on 2014-04-12 as I will be sharing with friends and family who want to try it.

I was charged for the additions on 2014-04-17. No notifications of anything being shipped yet. Mine is not the vegan (no oil) version, but the starter kits are supposed to be shipping first.

< < taps foot impatiently…